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Announcing The NEW Personal Bundle Post Account – Only $20

Over the last several months, Bundle Post has accomplished a lot of amazing things. Launching our new 3.0 version of Bundle Post, surpassing 2 million pieces of content per month and amassing an even larger user base are just a few of them. All of these efforts have been directed toward a commitment of constant technological improvement, feature enhancement, innovation, stagaring efficiency gains and net social media marketing results for our users. This commitment continues.

Bundle Post Personal Account PromotionAfter surveying hundreds of social media marketers, brands and agencies about their social media tools, challenges and needs, it became apparent to us that our product offering had a large gap for a huge segment of the market. Almost 30% of those surveyed stated that Bundle Post feature set solved their biggest social media marketing challenges. They also stated that they would be willing to spend $30/month for a social media marketing tool that saved substantial time curating, scheduling, hashtagging, managing marketing content and improved the net results of of social media marketing.

We listened to the market and began work on a solution…

Introducing the All NEW Personal Account from Bundle Post:

Bundle Post Personal Account

Whether you’re an individual marketer, starting a social media agency or just beginning with social media marketing, you know that it is time intensive. The new Bundle Post personal account gives you a ton of back office content aggregation, curating, hashtagging and scheduling power, all with a manageable budget. You’ll be able to spend more time building relationships, instead of managing social media content. Best of all, as your content needs and social media management requirements increase, you can grow with Bundle Post!

Login to get started with your Bundle Post Personal Account by clicking on the Manage/Upgrade Personal Account under the Dashboard Account section, or click here to start a personal account!


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Social Media Content Curation: Introducing Simplified Topical Feed Alerts

Bundle FeedToday we are releasing the first version of what we are calling Bundle Feeds. This new alert-like Feed Channel allows you to create new Feed Channels right inside of the Bundle Post system based on keywords or exact phrases, without needing to go out to Bing or other locations to create alert content topics.

Our team has been planing and designing a new content discovery system to integrate into Bundle Post for some time. With the decline and subsequent demise of Google RSS Alerts, coupled with the lack luster results of Bing Alerts or any other suitable replacement for Google Alerts, we decided to step up our work on this new feature.

How Do Bundle Feeds Work?

Once you create a Bundle Feed, the system will create a new feed channel that will source content on that specific phrase or keyword topics for you. The first version is in Beta and has a lot more functionality and options in development, but it is a giant first step toward where we are going with content discovery for our users. Bundle Feeds provide a totally unique option for discovering topical Feed Channel content within the system.

Content Curation DiscoveryVery Cool Function:

Our team has developed a very unique function with Bundle Feeds that allows you to test the results of your query several times before actually saving the new Feed Channel. This feature enables you to fine tune your query as you create it, ensuring you will get the content results you are looking for. Use the “Test It” button during the Bundle Feed creation process and review the results, make edits to the phrase or keywords and click Test It again, until you’re satisfied. (Max returned is 10 results)

To create a new Bundle Feed, follow these simple steps:

1) Click on the Feeds link from the Bundle Post navigation bar.

2) Click the “Create Bundle Feed – beta” link under the “Add Feed Channel” Option

3) Name your new Feed Channel.

4) If you don’t want the system to sanitize used content from this new Feed Channel, check the “Don’t sanitize this Bundle Feed” check box at the top. (for more on feed sanitizing, read the “Sanitizing Feeds” section)

5) Enter an Exact Phrase, Keywords or BOTH and press the “Test It” button.

6) When you are satisfied with your feed terms and the test results, click the “Submit” button to save the new Feed Channel to your feed page.

7) Bundle Feed Channels will be designated in your list of Feed Channels with a  icon, so you clearly know what content is coming from this feature.

That’s it! Your new Bundle Post Feed Channel will source new content for that topic multiple times per day and deliver the content into that new channel for you. From there you can use the content just like you would any other Feed Channel within the system.

Best Results:

Throughout our use and testing of the new beta Bundle Feed feature, we discovered that testing results and modifying your phrase and keywords before saving the new feed channel gets the best results. We recommend using the exact phrase field with a specific word or phrase first, then modify the results with the addition of keywords to niche it down to want you want.

* The more you niche your Phrase and Keywords, the less content you will get back over time, so ensure you have the proper balance.

Again, we want to reiterate that the new Bundle Feed feature is in Beta and we have a lot more work to do on it. We have seen some pretty great results already, so we decided to release it in Beta so our users have another great tool for topical content discovery within their social content management.

Give it a try and let us know what you think.


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@BundlePost Adds Content Curation, Editing And More: Huge 2.5 Release

One of the things you learn to love (or dislike) about software is the fact that it is never done. There are always improvements, fixes and OUR favorite, upgrades. Here at Bundle Post we are currently 30 days into a 60 day Bundle Post 2.5development cycle that will inevitably start all over again with our next feature set. Today however, we are announcing a mid-version upgrade that includes several substantial “under the hood” system improvements that result in a large group of features and enhancements that we think you’re going to love.

The new features are all focused on improved social media management, content discovery, ease of use and greater social media content management efficiencies and effectiveness. We will cover each new feature and enhancement included in this release one at a time and also detail the advantages and changes you can expect.

Curation Edits:

Without a lot of fluff, let’s get right to it.

You can now inline edit the text of social media posts right on the export table, in real-time. We have also made it so that edits made to the text of a post on the Export Table will also save that edit to the original Feed Channel, My Content and Follow Friday posts in the database, not just for that export.

Previously, the only way to edit or curate the text of aggregated content within Bundle Post was by viewing a feed from the Feed Channel page in the system. Today that changes.

We know that social media and content marketing is far more effective when the content being shared is curated, rather than simply aggregated and shared. Meaning, adding context to the post beyond just sharing the title. Aggregation is collecting and posting or Retweeting other people’s content through your social media accounts, where curation combines aggregation with added comments, questions or otherwise editorializing the post by adding context to the content being shared. Curated content always gets higher click-through rates, conversation, engagement and overall results as compared to aggregated content posting alone.

The curation function on the export table makes this incredibly easy and efficient for Pro users of Bundle Post. As with other major system upgrades, the new curation feature is being added to Pro account types only. Expanded users can upgrade to Pro for double export quantities, Auto-sort functionality as well as the powerful new curation feature.

Export Table Curation

*note: Curation edits made anywhere in the system will be saved to the database for you. The next time you want to share a post you have curated, the original edit you made will appear. You will be able to edit posts over and over as you see fit and the last edit of a post will be saved to the respective Feed Channel, My Content or Follow Friday folders.

**To edit the text of a post on the Export Table, simply double click on the text, make your edits and press “enter” or click the OK button.

Sanitizing Feeds:

Bundle Post now tracks which content you export from all Feed Channels and removes that content from the corresponding feed once you have exported it. This function is done automatically for you every time you do an export from the system, ensuring that your Feed Channels contain only the latest unused content automatically.

*Don’t fret though, we have added two additional features for content you want to keep and share again or share from another schedule. We have also added something for YOUR blogs’ RSS Feed. See the awesome new “Content Flags” and “Blog Ownership” features below!!

Content Delete:

Connected to the Sanitizing feature is a change to content deletion within Feed Channels. Previously when you deleted a post you did not want to use from a Feed Channel, it could appear in the channel again, at the next ingestion of content for that feed. Now, Bundle Post tracks the content you delete and does not ingest deleted posts to your Feed Channel again, making managing shared and curated content much easier.

The changed delete function is designated with a new  image next to every piece of content, anywhere you view a Feed Channel post in the system. Hitting the  graphic will remove that post from that Feed Channel permanently.

You will still be able to remove a post from the Export Table without permanently deleting the post from a Feed Channel. This feature is now clearly marked with a text link labeled “Remove“. Clicking to remove a specific post on the Export Table will remove that post from the export you are working on, but will not permanently delete it from the corresponding Feed Channel.

Content Flags:

From anywhere in the system you view content ingested from Feed Channels, you can now FLAG posts that you do not want the system to remove from a feed, so you can use it again later or use it for a different schedule export.

This powerful new function allows you to:

1) Pre-select content for a different schedule or social account at the time you are conducting an export for another schedule.

2) Keep flagged posts in their respective Feed Channels even though you have already exported the post for another schedule. (non-flagged posts are automatically removed per the “Sanitizing” function described above)

3) Efficiently “flag” content you want to share again from a specific Feed Channel.

The new Flag function is designated with a new  image next to every piece of content, anywhere you view a Feed Channel post in the system. Clicking the  graphic will flag that post with the  flag and designate the post to be kept in that Feed Channel until you delete it, even if you export it.

Blog Ownership:

Bundle Post now allows you to identify a Feed Channel as being you or your clients’ Blog. This new feature makes all content evergreen in that channel, no matter how many times you export it, without needing to flag content manually to be kept in the Feed Channel.

Owned Blog ContentFor example, if a Feed Channel you have added to Bundle Post is your blog, a clients’ blog, or simply an RSS feed you never want content to be removed from, simply click the  next to the feed name on the Feed Channel page to turn it on and the system will automatically keep all content in the feed up to a maximum of 250 posts. As the feed increases beyond 250 posts, the oldest will drop off, leaving the newest content in the Feed Channel for you.

This is the first of many steps we have planned for blog ownership, paving the way for additional internal content discovery, improved reach and tribal-like sharing of other Bundle Post users content. More to come…

More Content:

We were not at all happy with how the system ingested, saved and added content to Feed Channels. Without getting into the technical details, the result of how it worked made the quantity of content you had available extremely limited from both alert feeds and even RSS.

Today we are announcing that we have made substantial changes to the core content ingestion system that will now be appending content to your feed channels, rather than overwriting content every time it ingests. The end result is that Feed Channels will now grow to the most recent 250 posts, instead of overwriting with the few most recent posts four times per day.

The system will still ingest content multiple times everyday, but the difference is that all new content found will be added to content discovered previously, up to 250 posts. This will increase the amount of content the system has available for you to review and share and most importantly give you more content options.

User Interface:

New InterfaceWe have enhanced the interface screens for viewing content to include icons for view, delete and the new flag function. This new interface has been implemented to every location within the system that you view posts from a Feed Channel.

The Export Table interface includes these new icons and functions but also has the addition of the “Remove” option we discussed earlier. Remove works as the old delete option used to, in that it only removes a post from the export table, but does not delete the post permanently from a Feed Channel.

The long text descriptions included with each post inside view Feed Channel and selecting content for the Export Table have been removed, making a cleaner interface when viewing and selecting posts. An on hover function that will display the lengthy description previously shown for every post, as well as thumbnail images for posts will be added to the interface sometime following this major release.

used contentFinally, we have added a  icon to the view Feed Channel and select content windows to visually show posts that you have already used in a previous export.

Additional Bugs:

We have also addressed a few additional issues that had been reported in the system.

1) Folder naming with special characters causing issues – resolved

2) Text edits of posts in Feed Channel view were overwriting edits on next ingestion – resolved

3) Some special characters in the text of posts were not being handled properly still – resolved

As you can see this Bundle Post 2.5 release is packed with a ton of new features, upgrades and enhancements that go even further to help you be more efficient, effective and profitable with your social media marketing efforts. This release is an interim step to the next 3.0 version that will also take the system and social media management to new levels.

Be sure to give us your feedback and comments on the new version. If you are not currently using Bundle Post, we invite you to get your free trial and request free one on one setup and training with our customer support team.


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Google Alert Feeds Unexpectedly Killed Along With Google Reader

Google Alert Feed ReplacementSo we have all known for some time that the Google Reader was going away. Sometime back Google announced that they were going to be shutting down their RSS reader altogether, however they never mentioned any changes that would directly affect Google Alerts. Nothing was ever so much as alluded to that Alert Feeds (which could be used in numerous other readers and applications) was going to be changed when reader was discontinues. Guess what? It was…

Here’s what you need to know about Google Alert Feeds:

1) Google is no longer allowing you to make any new Google Alerts with a deliver to option of Feed.

2) As of Monday July 1st, Google will change your existing Alerts saved with the deliver to option of “Feed”, to deliver to your email instead.

Google Alert Feeds Gone

3) Existing Google Alerts you have used to create Feed Channels inside Bundle Post will stop functioning on Monday July 1, 2013.

Shocked? We were too, but we want you to know that our development team has established a process for a suitable replacement for Google Alerts within Bundle Post. In an effort to ensure that Bundle Post users are able to have content discover and ingestion within an alert type, topical and keyword RSS format, the Bundle Post team has two solutions to announce. We will give all the details on how to create new Alert Feeds using a new source, as well as a hint at what we have been working on and will be releasing soon.

Google Alert Replacement for Feed Channels in Bundle Post:

Here is a brief instructional video on creating an alert via Bing. Be sure to continue reading after watching the video to get additional important details on what you need to do within Bundle Post. There are some pretty cool advantages to these new Bing alerts that we think you will like.

Important details about your existing Google Alert Feed Channels currently in Bundle Post:

1) They will stop ingesting new content at midnight on Monday July 1, 2013.

2) You will need to create new Alert Feeds to replace your existing Google Alert Feed Channels and then delete the old Google Alert Feed Channels within Bundle Post.

3) Non-Google Alert, RSS Feed Channels in Bundle Post are NOT affected by these changes. If you have Feed Channels in Bundle Post that you created from RSS feeds from specific websites, blogs or other sources that are not Google Alert, nothing will change on those Feed Channels.

4) If you have ANY difficulties working with the new alert function that replaces Google Alerts within Bundle Post, we urge you to click and contact support from your dashboard or at the bottom of any Bundle Post system pages. We are here to help.

Bundle Feeds coming soon:

We have already been working on some very cool technology to replace the need for Alerts. We will not be discussing the details, but let’s just say you will soon be able to create topical, keyword(s), phrase, web content Feed Channels right inside of Bundle Post, without needing alerts of any kind. Just a hint, but we can assure you there’s much more. We are expecting to release Bundle Feeds within the next four weeks, so stay tuned!


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@BundlePost Adds More Color To Social Media Content Management

Bundle Post is all about social media content, content marketing and increasing efficiency and effectiveness in the social graph. As we continue to refine the technology, we are always seeking ways to improve all of these areas. One of the pain points in the system was the coloring of content from various sources, identifying different topics and content visually on the export table. The coloring scheme was good, but not good enough for us.

Working with a lot of curated and marketing content from multiple sources can be a challenge, especially when the colors for content sources are a bit too similar and few.

Social Media Content SortingIn an effort to make the export table even easier and more efficient when managing a lot of feed channel content, we have implemented the following:

Color Changes Made To The Bundle Post Export Table:

1) Increased the number colors for content sources from 6 to 20.

2) Varied both the colors and the order in which the system assigns colors to content you move to the export table from each feed channel.

3) Spread out similar colors to make it easier to identify different feed channel sources.

The graphic to the right displays the previous color scheme and order used for different content sources on the export table. The image also depicts the new colors and placement order that is now live.

As you can see, the more varied color palette will make drag and drop sorting of 100 scheduled social media posts far easier to visually manage, and the auto sort function will be significantly faster to fine tune different feed channel content.

Another small step forward for efficiently curating, scheduling, hashtagging and posting relevant content, so you can spend your time building relationships and getting results!


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Social Media Content Curation, Aggregation, Scheduling and Marketing Goes 2.0

If there is one thing I have learned over my years of experience with internet, software and technology startups is that you cannot make a bad product get traction in the marketplace with a really awesome website and messaging. I have also learned that you cannot keep an exceptional product from growing virally, even if the messaging, website and interface are horrible. The Bundle Post Social Content Management System is a great example of that.

Even though we have not spent any time and resources on the Bundle Post website up to this point, our horrid old logo, site design and messaging has not kept the application from growing to thousands and thousands of users. It has not prevented our company from growing revenue, user base and testimonials.

Bundle Post 2.0 websiteToday we are putting all of that on steroids by launching Bundle Post 2.o with a brand new website, logo, messaging and massively improved user interface.

Bundle Post is “A Totally New & Unique Way To Curate & Manage Social Media Content“, and a complete social media content management system that works WITH Hootsuite. The system helps you to more efficiently find, aggregate, schedule, hashtag and manage social media content, as well as your evergreen marketing content in one place.

With Facebook announcing that they are are joining Twitter and Google Plus by including hashtags in their system, Bundle Post’s patent pending automated hashtag function just got even more valuable to our users. Since the Bundle Post system supports all social networks offered by Hootsuite and being the only automated hashtag function available, it will no doubt become an even more strategic element to the Bundle Post system.

Earlier this week, we did a sneak peek webinar with several social media industry professionals and bloggers. Here is the recorded video from that call.

The launch of Bundle Post 2.0 highlights the Patent Pending, Social Content Management System that automates back-office social media content, curation and scheduling functions, resulting in consistent posting, dependable content and improved engagement. The solution provides you with more time to focus on building valued relationships through your social networks, while ensuring you always have relevant, consistent, valuable content that you control.

Bundle Post PricingThe new system removes the largely useless Free Account type and instead offers a full Pro version, 30 day Free Trial period to all users. Existing Free Account holders have automatically been upgraded to the 30 day Free Pro Account status, enabling them to use the brand new Pro version right away! No changes have been made to the pricing on the remaining Expanded and Pro level account types, as we remain focused on delivering massive value to our users.

Hashtags FacebookStart reducing the time you spend on social media content curation, scheduling, hashtagging and posting with Bundle Post 2.0 and instead spend more time building relationships and getting results. Now you can elevate your social media marketing and fully execute a robust social media content strategy in less than 30 minutes every five days.

Welcome to Bundle Post 2.0 – Home Page | How It Works | Pricing


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Social Media Purpose and Tactics – The Truth About Content and Engagement

Social Media TacticsRecently eMarketer released a new report that purported to cover Social Media Tactics and which work best. Though the report has a lot of valuable information, most is based on a highly misguided view of social media to begin with. In this post I am going to outline two of the points in the report and attempt to give you some straight talk about them that is intended to help you adjust strategy and be more effective.


Early in the report there was a statement that stood out to me as a huge red flag:

the greatest percentage of respondents from both business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-consumer (B2C) companies considered customer engagement to be the primary purpose of their social media marketing.”

With so many marketers seeing engagement as the primary purpose for their social media marketing, it is no wonder why the respondents answered the way they did on other segments in the report. Engagement should simply be a part of the process within social media marketing, not the goal or purpose for it. The goal or purpose should be a clearly defined objective that is different for every business, but that should include things like increased sales, revenue, customers, traffic, etc. Real results and measurable metrics that make the time-consuming activities in social media worth while.

Content Creation:

A huge misnomer in the report is the repeated theme of the content creation requirement. Yes creating content is required. Photo’s, graphics, articles, blog posts, etc are optimum drivers when focused on the interests of your audience and delivers real value to them. However, there are two issues that need need to be dissected about this segment:

1) Average Small/Medium Businesses – Content creation can be an effective tool for driving social media marketing results, but the hard facts are that most SMB’s do not have the staff, resources or budget required to constantly create fresh creative content. In fact in most cases establishing a budget for this purpose for most SMB’s would not result in anything close to a return on investment. Larger companies and bigger brands are able to leverage their previous branding, resources and huge budgets without the need for real measured results and this is highly skewed in this report.

Most Difficult Social Media Marketing Tactics

2) Content Sharing – Since the overwhelming majority of marketing professionals that responded, reported that the top tactics of “content creation” were also the most difficult to execute, this leaves many scratching their head for what to do in their social media marketing. Not once in this report was a reference to content curation, aggregation or sharing, let alone a strategy around sharing. The average business must have a content strategy that involves posting content that others have written; content that is interesting and relevant to their target audience, provides value to that audience and starts conversations.

Reports like these can be incredibly insightful for the largest brands out there, or those that work with large brands, the fact is that small and medium businesses just don’t have the resources to execute social media this way. Furthermore, many of the larger brands do social media marketing in direct contrast to how it should be done, therefore spending most of their efforts pitching their products, not responding to their audience and producing content that are more liken to commercials than content that adds value to their audience.

If you are not a large brand, don’t let this report discourage you. Use the information to establish an effective strategy of content sharing and do what level of content creation you are able to, focusing on delivering value to your audience and building real relationships. THESE are the tactics that actually get real results.

By Robert Caruso
Founder/CEO – Bundle Post



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Multi-Select Content Options And Content Date Tagging Goes Live

As we finalize the next big Bundle Post Pro user feature this week, we decided to go ahead with another feature set enhancement release for all user levels. This new feature set delivers additional efficiencies to our overall social content management system, making content selection from feed channels faster and more accurate.

Bundle Post Multi-Select ContentThere are two main features in this system enhancement that we think you will really like.

1) Multi-Select Groups – Starting today, all Bundle Post user levels are able to select the most recent content in a feed channel in groups of 5, 10, 15 or 25 in a single click. When a group option is selected, the system automatically selects the corresponding number of most recent content from that feed channel and readies it to be moved to your export table. Users will still have the option to manually select the content they wish to share through their social media channels, as well as deselect any posts that are checked via the group selection option.

Our team has been begging for Multi-Select for some time and have been really excited about it during testing. Our testing realized an additional 10% time savings while managing content posts, but we think it may end up being even more than that.

2) Content Date Tagging – Included in this feature set release are content date tags which denote the date that each piece of content was aggregated into that feed channel by the Bundle Post system. The date stamp function on the feed channel content select window will be exceptionally helpful for niche feed channels that don’t have regular new content added.

For example, if a user has an RSS feed from a blog that only puts out new content once or twice a week, the date tag will make it easy to identify what content in that feed channel is new. Additionally, very niche Google Alert feed channels also presented a challenge to identify when there was new content. The new Content Date Tagging in Bundle Post makes this a breeze.

Both of the new features are now live in the Bundle Post System and we have activated them for all user levels. Though this is not the big Pro User feature release everyone is waiting to hear about, we think the efficiency advantages warranted an early activation. Pro users can expect the next major system upgrade anytime within the next two weeks as we take a big leap forward in social media management for our users.

By Robert Caruso
Founder/CEO – Bundle Post



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Pro Users Get Content Sorting Randomization

As the Bundle Post user base and community has continued to grow, we have been fortunate to get an incredible amount of feedback from our very loyal users. Being Pro users of our Social Media Content Management platform ourselves, we also have a huge list of must have’s and wants that we require as the technology continues to grow and expand. The great thing about social media and software, is that they are continually changing and growing. Bundle Post is no exception.

Auto Sort Socia lMedia ContentToday Bundle Post, The Social Content Management System, is announcing a significant feature upgrade for our Pro users. We call it the Auto Sort function for the export table. This new function removes the time consuming task of mixing up feed channel and topical content sets manually via drag and drop. Now Pro users of the Bundle Post app can click the “Auto Sort” button at the top of the export table and randomize the scheduled posts on the screen to mix up content of various topics and from various feed channel sources. A huge jump forward for efficient social media management and content scheduling.

How the new Sort feature works:

When clicking the Auto Sort button on the export table in Bundle Post, the system will automatically mix the content you have merged with a schedule on the screen. The function uses an algorithm to quickly and randomly mix the posts via feed channel sources and reschedule the content automatically. Users are able to click the Auto Sort button as many times as they wish to achieve a desired mix of content from various feed channels, then fine tune by dragging and dropping posts further to move specific scheduled posts to a different date and time slot.

The new auto sort feature is one of the most requested features from Pro users and staff alike and we are thrilled to finally be able to deploy it system-wide. During testing internally, our team realized massive additional time savings over the drag and drop manual mixing previous required. The time we spent managing a 100 post export from Bundle Post was cut in half, which is no small benefit! We also found that multiple clicks of the sort button gets the best initial mix of content for smaller quantity exports, while larger exports with more feed channels used typically requires a single auto sort, followed by additional dragging and dropping for complete control.

Since Pro accounts are able to manage and export 100 posts at a time, instead of the 50 posts of Free and Expanded account types, the Auto Sort feature is exclusively being added to Pro user accounts. Free and Expanded users may upgrade to Pro for the additional volumes and feature enhancements announced today and in the near future!

Let us know if we can help you get started with the Bundle Post Social Content Management System to be more effective, efficient and profitable with your social media and content marketing efforts.

By Robert Caruso
Founder/CEO – Bundle Post



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Google Reader Shutting Down Leaving Huge Curation Gap For Marketers

Google ReaderYesterday Google announced on the official Google Reader Blog that on July 1, 2013, they will retire Google Reader. Originally announced on the official Google Blog that same day, the excuse given was that usage over the years had declined and that the company is focusing its efforts on other products. As I read and researched the effects that this decision by Google has on social media content curation, I was compelled to pull a late night and write a post about it, in place of my originally scheduled blog post.

What does this mean for social media marketers that rely on Google Reader and other readers for social media content aggregation,  discovery and sharing in the social graph? It may be more of an initial inconvenience for some, as there are many other RSS readers on the market. Many other readers do use Google Reader for their syncing though and that will cause even more wide spread RSS reader issues. This change is also signaling that for social content aggregation and curation, scrolling through readers, scheduling content one by one manually or with browser plugins like Hootlet and Bufferapp, is definitely going away and frankly it must.

Efficient, reliable and effective means of content discovery, scheduling and management has to be done differently if social media marketing time spent is going to be able to realize profitable returns. Done properly, social media agencies,  marketers and brands must have enough interesting, relevant content in their streams every day and they know that. Content is where everything starts. It’s what creates conversations, develops thought leadership and influence, all of which are required for real results.

With old school content discovery and management methods going the way of the dumb cell phone, one must consider where social media content management is going. Where it has to go and what that looks like. Let me show you…

Though we rarely write about our own technology, this market changing event by Google compels us to do so this week.

Originally as an agency, we had the same issues you do. Searching, finding, editing, scheduling, hashtagging and posting enough relevant, valuable content for our clients target audience across all of the social network accounts they had. And doing that 7 days a week. Efficient? Not so much. Consistent? Near impossible. Effective? Let’s not go there. Profitable? We all know the answer to that. We knew that if we did not spend the hours every day on content management, all other social media management functions, results and metrics would fail. Something had to be done differently…

Bundle Post InfographicBundle Post is the first Social Content Management system designed to solve the enormous time challenge of content management within social media. We designed it for us and had no intent on making a product. That changed quickly as the results increased on every client program, we saw huge efficiency gains and profitability climbed massively. We knew we were soon to become a social media software company.

So what is Bundle Post? The system efficiently handles 5 of the time-consuming back office functions related to social media content.

1) Aggregation and Curation – Attach Google Alert and RSS feeds where all content is ingested four times per day and saved as social media posts. You can view, edit and delete content you wish to use from every feed channel.

2) Legacy Content Management – My Social Content serves as repository folders of you and/or your clients legacy social content posts. Their website, videos, fanpage, interviews, photo’s etc. Legacy content can be merged with curated feed channel content and together be scheduled as individual posts for your newsfeeds.

3) Hashtags and Content Change – Hashtag folders for all campaigns can be created and house the keywords/phrases you want flagged for content changing in the text of all posts within Bundle Post. You designate the replacement hashtag or other text you want the system to replace. It automatically hashtags and/or changes the text of 100 social media posts in a single second.

4) Scheduling – Posting time schedules for all social networks like Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Google Plus, Groups, etc can be saved in Bundle Post and merged with content from 1 and 2 above. Easily scheduling 100 posts in less than 30 minutes.

5) Follow Friday Mentions – All Follow Friday posts can be managed in Bundle Post. Each post can be customized, twitter account names added or removed as you wish. With Bundle Post Follow Friday mentions on Twitter take 45 seconds on Thursday night instead of all morning on Friday.

What Bundle Post Isn’t? We are not a social media dashboard like Hootsuite, Tweetdeck or the many others. We do not do anything current dashboards do and they can’t do what we do, due to our 19 claims in a Pending Patent filed over 24 months ago.

Bundle Post is a back-office social media content management system that currently integrates with Hootsuite. Your scheduled social media content comes out of Bundle Post and uploads directly into Hootsuite.

You use Bufferapp or Hootlet to schedule content? That’s great when you come across a single article you want to share and schedule. But why would you spend hours finding, scheduling, editing and hashtagging enough content everyday for all your social profiles?

In 30 minutes our users manage 5 days of currated content, your legacy blog posts and your own marketing content. Yes, that’s right, 30 minutes. Not auto-posted content. Content YOU select and control. Nothing leaves Bundle Post to your social media accounts without you allowing it to be sent. Now you have the time to build relationships, get ROI and even handle more clients, all more effectively with better net results.

One more thing… You can share Bundle Post export files with others in your brands community and they can upload them into their Hootsuite, making your scheduled content reach even bigger. Have we got you thinking yet?

Welcome to Bundle Post. Want a live demo? Hit the website and click to contact us or just message me @fondalo or us @BundlePost on Twitter and let’s change the effectiveness and efficiency of your social media marketing NOW!

By Robert Caruso
Founder/CEO – Bundle Post


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