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Social Media Is Like A Freeway – Part 1

When I teach or speak about Social Media, I often use analogies. This is still a new platform and many people don’t quite get it. I also find that even many heavy users or enthusiasts are still grasping the immense details and intricacies, but aren’t we all?

Sometimes painting pictures with words makes understanding things easier and faster.  Being a visual guy myself, I know I learn and understand things better this way also. So today we are going to paint a picture of social media that may be beneficially for you, not only in your daily activities in the space, but even with your overall strategy.

As the title of this post states, “Social Media Is Like A Freeway”. I want you to imagine standing on the side of a busy freeway as cars are flying by in mass. Now picture each of those cars as a social media post or update. The freeway is your Facebook news feed or Twitter stream.

Carrying our analogy forward, imagine trying to recognize every single Acura TL that goes by. Not only recognize every one, but also take note of the color, the driver and try and catch the license plate number. Pretty difficult isn’t it?  Might even get boring if your Freeway is in a rural area and there are very few Acura TL’s coming by.

The Acura TL is your Twitter and Facebook accounts. The person on the side of the road represents your friends, fans and followers. If your Acura TL doesn’t pass by when and where they are standing frequently enough, they will rarely, if ever see your posts.

The thing about social media and the freeway analogy is that the typical user doesn’t stand on the side of the freeway 24/7. So you have to make sure that you have enough Acura TL’s on the freeway, frequently enough to ensure you are seen. You must consistently put enough cars on the road and in the right part of town to provide value to your audience that will appreciate your Acura TL.

Make sure that you put enough cars on your social media road every single day. Don’t drive on freeways where your audience will not be on the side of the road.

Bringing our analogy back to reality… “Make sure you have enough content posted every single day to account for whenever your target audience will be on the side of the road watching. Don’t post content that is not interesting to your audience, rather post consistent content your target audience will find valuable.

In the second half of this post, I will cover how often to post on different platforms and what tends to get the most coverage and results.

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The Social Media Finger Point – Who are you kidding?

Recently, I have been noticing a trend in my streams and articles on social media. The trend of  “criticizing” others or the specific strategies being deployed within the space.  Frankly, a lot of “holier than thou” attitudes from a certain segment of the industry that is beginning to really bother me.

My experience over the last 20 years as an executive in sales, marketing and technology has taught me that it is very easy to criticize, and far more difficult to innovate and lead.  Though many people take the easy way out, I for one think we should quit worrying about what others do and focus on leading the industry by being an example, teaching and helping others.

Whether you are one of the new self-described “purists”, whatever that means, or someone eagerly forging new territory within social media, spend less time establishing constraints on others and criticizing their efforts or methods. Focus your attention on looking for opportunities to engage, start conversations and build relationships. Use situations or methods you might disagree with to start dialog and create opportunities for you and others.

Pointing fingers while sitting on the sideline of life, does nothing more than build your already over inflated ego. Getting in the game and leading the team to greater things establishes you as an innovator and respected member of the league. Go help someone today!


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