Social Media Automation; A No No?

Yesterday was an interesting day for me.  For the first time, surrounding Bundle Post™, I found myself in discussions around a negative view of anything automated within the social space. For sure, social media automation has a fierce opposition base out there, and I too, am among that group.

Let me be very clear.  Any social automation technology that in any way attempts to remove the human engagement, community or relationship aspect of social media, is evil.  This includes the purchasing or automated following of users with the purpose of having a “ton” of followers and/or attempting to seem legitimate, when you are not.  These automated functions thwart one of the key elements of the medium, which by definition is HUMAN. People interacting, sharing, communicating and establishing relationships.

There are, however, many tasks within the required functions of social media management that are highly labor intensive, and when done consistently and properly, require a significant amount of time.  These tasks are not user, follower or fan connected, but rather are the back-office work that enables a brand to deliver value to its audience.

I decided that today, the day our press release about the patent-pending Bundle Post technology was sent out over the wire, that I would clarify what the technology is, and more importantly, what it is not.

Bundle Post is NOT:

A social automation system that in any way attempts to use technology to enable brands and marketers to operate within the medium on “cruise control”.  It won’t let you follow users or purchase them, nor will it aid anyone in automating responses or mentions that remove the human responsibility of being social.  The system will not approve, condone or in any way allow or help SPAM of any sort.

Bundle Post is also not competing with HootSuite, TweetDeck or any other existing social media management tool.  We are also not competing with any social platforms, blogging sites or analytics solutions.

Bundle Post IS:

A social content database and aggregation tool that cuts an estimated 80% of the time many of us spend searching, finding, editing, scheduling and posting of value-based information for our audiences.

Bundle Post is also an archive of your entire proprietary social content in the form of actual posts with text and links, including posts to your YouTube channel, a specific video, website, fanpage, photos, etc.  The system keeps everything in one place, pre-formatted and ready to drag and drop into a group of other content posts for scheduling.

The system automatically adds hashtags to the text of your posts based on predetermined keywords or phrases and bundles up to 50 posts together, attaches posting times/dates and exports them into a CSV file that is ready to be uploaded into your preferred social management software like HootSuite.

And more…

The idea here is not to help people cheat so they don’t have to engage or build relationships.  The clear intent is to cut 80% of the back-office workload so that brands and firms can spend more time engaging and building community, rather than the time consuming work that keeps us from being, well, social!

By: Robert M. Caruso
Founder/CEO – Bundle Post


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7 responses to “Social Media Automation; A No No?

  1. Great post! The automated responses are quite annoying and go against the grain of what is “social media”. Humans connecting and building communities. Bundle Post looks like a great time saving tool!

  2. Thank you Gary. I agree, social MUST be human and engaging or will become talking at instead of with people. Thanx for the comment.

  3. I ‘m looking forward to seeing some of these features. I especially liked the CSV export. Do users have the ability to upload a hashtag list or reference TagDef, what the hashtag? etc?

  4. Hi Robert!

    This is not only a great post about how automation is the killer of social media, but also a great clarification of your product. Definitely going to check out BundlePost and see what it’s all about. :) Thanks for this!

  5. Thanx so much for your comments Morgan. I find the only people that are against this technology are the die hard koolaid folks that won’t even take the time to understand it. Social Media can’t continue to be effective and engaging if brands are increasing taken off task by back-office requirements. Hope you enjoy! :-)

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