The Social Media Finger Point – Who are you kidding?

Recently, I have been noticing a trend in my streams and articles on social media. The trend of  “criticizing” others or the specific strategies being deployed within the space.  Frankly, a lot of “holier than thou” attitudes from a certain segment of the industry that is beginning to really bother me.

My experience over the last 20 years as an executive in sales, marketing and technology has taught me that it is very easy to criticize, and far more difficult to innovate and lead.  Though many people take the easy way out, I for one think we should quit worrying about what others do and focus on leading the industry by being an example, teaching and helping others.

Whether you are one of the new self-described “purists”, whatever that means, or someone eagerly forging new territory within social media, spend less time establishing constraints on others and criticizing their efforts or methods. Focus your attention on looking for opportunities to engage, start conversations and build relationships. Use situations or methods you might disagree with to start dialog and create opportunities for you and others.

Pointing fingers while sitting on the sideline of life, does nothing more than build your already over inflated ego. Getting in the game and leading the team to greater things establishes you as an innovator and respected member of the league. Go help someone today!


8 thoughts on “The Social Media Finger Point – Who are you kidding?

  1. Good comments, as a longtime practioner and collaboration early-adopter who has branched out as an independant, it appears that the lanscape is pretty crowed. I agree, “leading the industry by being an example, teaching and helping others” is an important theme, which is why I also donate my time to the small business community to help similar small business.

  2. Exactly Dan. This is what we should be doing. Social Media becomes real when we help others selflessly. It’s real when we build relationships that end up offline as well.

    You’re doing it right my friend! Thanx for the feedback.


  3. I keep seeing headlines that 2011 will be all about the Conversation. And each of them puzzled me personally who is all about the Conversation in my business. How can you sell, instruct, motivate, etc. if you aren’t having some kind of Conversation?

  4. Great post. I’ve been following you on Twitter for a while and enjoy the blog. I couldn’t agree with your point more. It’s easy to scoff as a lurker or a member of the herd. Innovation = “I could have done that” + “Yeah, but you didn’t”.
    Anyway, I’ve always found that (good-natured) jealousy is an excellent teacher.

  5. How true. It amazes me how many people waist so much time critizing & complaining. My mentor said “Complain 5 min and you have waisted 5 and may have started economic cancer of the bone. It will haul you out to a desert of dispaire and leave you there to choke on the dust of your regret” after that day I worked at trying to lead by example myself. You are an excellent role model yourself Robert who truly does “leading the industry by being an example, teaching and helping others” Keep up the awsome posts.

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