Relationship – Your Key to Social Media ROI

Yesterday, I decided I had to get out of the home office due to cabin fever and working so many hours. I made the decision to go for a drive and hit a Starbucks in a near by suburb to have some coffee, relax and work on my next blog post, to be called “Where’s the Beef”, which will now be delayed until later this week.

During my time at the coffee shop, I was doing my normal tweets, updates and mentions on my various social accounts.  As I normally do, I started engaging people, tweeting and posting things that fostered conversation and interaction with friends and followers. The activity got so heated up, I made the decision to stop writing and solely focus on the discussions and building relationships.

*Note – None of the discussions had anything to do with my company, our product Bundle Post or specific business aspirations I have. The focus was purely about engaging in fun and/or meaningful conversation that resulted in deeper connections with our social sphere.

Many in social media simply don’t get that doing this is crucial. They don’t realize that people can’t have a relationship with a brand or person within social media without it. Most don’t understand that people buy from people they like and have a relationship with. A lot of people focus too much on the word Marketing in Social Media Marketing and far too little on the word Social.

Here is what resulted from this short hour long intensely focused engagement period on Sunday:

Just by engaging, caring and conversing with people, we had 4 new users register for Bundle Post, 2 other outside of social media inquiries and a few DM discussions about what we do occur.

Now, if you are one who is at all surprised by these results, then I encourage you to immediately make some changes in your daily activities. You see, we experience this kind of effect every single day. People automatically become interested in YOU and what you do, when you are real, show interest in them and build relationships.


6 thoughts on “Relationship – Your Key to Social Media ROI

    1. Thank you Will. You are exactly correct. You won’t always get this kind of immediate results from an hours worth of engagement, but this wasn’t the first time I engaged my fans, friends and followers either. It’s a marathon, not a sprint!

      Thanx for the comments.


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