Where’s The Beef? – Social Media Hamburger [infographic]

Remember back in the 80’s the infamous Wendy’s “where’s the beef” commercial?  Ok, maybe I just aged myself a tad bit, but check this out. This commercial became viral before there was a YouTube or social media. It propelled Wendy’s into the Word of Mouth mainstream within the fast food marketplace. Here is the ad:

Where’s the beef?

Now before you jump on a vegetarian bandwagon, or get on your “evil fast food industry” soap box, bear with me. If you have read any of my posts before, you know that I frequently paint pictures with analogies to make my points. This point will be no exception. So, let me draw some connections to this classic ad, social media marketing and branding that will give you a visual picture of making an exceptional hamburger (social media program).

Like any hamburger, the beef is the substance. Not too many of us eat hamburgers that don’t contain any meat.

Ask yourself, Where is the beef of your social media strategy? Where is the beef of your social media marketing? Where is the beef in your social media strategy?

I leave these questions for you to answer, along with my little Social Media Infographic to amuse you and make you think. :-)

6 thoughts on “Where’s The Beef? – Social Media Hamburger [infographic]

  1. You may have dated yourself but only to your childhood I’m sure! ;-) So happy to see you included Clara in a video for your younger blog followers.
    The post is short, sweet, to the point and comes equipped with my personal favorite, the inforgraphic. McDonald’s had to be the originator of the infographic so it seems. They certainly established their brand that’s for sure.

  2. McDonald’s originator of the infographic? Not likely. Branding and market dominance, maybe. Be that’s a whole OTHER topic. :-)

    Thanx for the comments Cheri!


  3. I’ll take one veggie burger, with everything on it, please…LOL!! Great post, Robert! Love the analogy & reference to those commercials (and, yes I remember them, too!)

    1. hahaha No veggie, just real meat! :-) Thanx a bunch for the kind words Donna. A little after Tina Turner probably though eh? (inside joke)



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