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Reasons Why I am About DONE With TrueTwit

Spam has become a four letter word in our society. Within Social Media, the term has transcended most understood meanings to become a universal description of anything an individual doesn’t like within a social network. This challenge for some has given rise to tools such as TrueTwit, which attempt to remove that frustration that people have created, bought into or truly believe they have.

Yes, I know I am sounding a bit negative and many of you are seething inside, ready to unleash your proper etiquette stance within my comment section. I realize there are two staunch camps out there in the social media space. One that has no care or concern and will do whatever they can to market and make money. The other camp is largely comprised of purists that state any automation or tool outside of a keyboard is a sin inside of social media.

Let me try and take the middle ground here and question the use of said tools and why I am very close to no longer validating myself.

1) For the few, the many:  Yes, I tend to be on the conservative side of things. I have a real problem when the many have to pay for the actions of just a few. This is exactly how I see this debate. Why am I being penalized when I am not the bot?

2) My time over yours:  How come I have to spend 20 minutes a day validating myself when I am the easily validated human being? Why wont you take the mere seconds necessary to view my bio and timeline, let alone Klout score?

3) Reciprocation:  I painstakingly review every persons bio before I follow them.  I also review their bio and timeline whenever I engage with them. Why? So I get a sense of who they are, how I can help them and what their interests are. This shouldn’t be a rare thing you do, it should be an always thing you do.

4) Just plain lazy: I got to tell you.  I have never had any problem identifying a bot, nor has any bot on Twitter ever harmed me in any way. First, why are you afraid? Secondly, you are starting a relationship with your followers based on distrust, not trust. Do you know of any effective relationships that work out well on that foundation?

Finally, here is where I sum it all up. I can’t recall too many people I followed that use TrueTwit and have been all that engaging, effective or someone I promote. Again, no hate mail, just listen to one persons point of view and consider how you are starting relationships within the social graph. For these and other reasons, I am now seriously considering saving my 20 minutes per day validating as I am. I think that time could go to better uses engaging with people that understand social media enough to build relationships not focus on “bot-free” followers.



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4 Facebook Event Fails to Avoid in Social Media

A few weeks ago I received an invite to a Facebook Event. I did not recognize the name of the person inviting me from my 4,000 “friends” so I went to look at the event. This was very troubling to me and thought I would share a few things that might help a few of you…

Facebook Event #Fails to Avoid:

1) Don’t Beg

Seriously???? I get this on Facebook and Twitter frequently. Please join my fanpage, etc. Desperation is NOT a factor that people tend to be drawn to. Instead give people a reason to come connect with your page, and make it specific, not general.

2) Invite only relevant audiences

Not only do I not know this individual, but what his page was about is completely irrelevant to me, my life and my business. If you are in Keokuk, IA and your business is a local restaurant, don’t invite people from New York City. Furthermore, if your business is a national B to B supplier, inviting the housewives on your friends list will certainly not benefit YOU or THEM!

Think quality, not quantity.

3) Engage before inviting

It amazes me how frequently I am invited to an event from people that have never taken the time to engage with me. Remember, social media mirrors the real world. What you would do in the real world is what you need to do in social media. Therefore, if you want to cold market, buy a targeted direct mail list, design a print piece and mail it. You will get better results and do less damage to your brand!

If you want to make social media and Facebook Events more effective, engage with your target audience and through those relationships they will be open to your events.

4) Don’t use Events to invite to your page

I would think this would go without saying, but this will NEVER be effective for you. Social media is about value, not self promotion. Using Facebook Events in this way only makes you look bad and alienates you from your “friends”.

I receive about 5-15 invites to Facebook events every single day. I would say that only about 1 in 50 are valuable to me from someone I know through engagement within the network. There are many valuable uses for Facebook Events. Avoiding these few #Fails will help ensure when you do use them, they will be valuable for your audience and an effective social media marketing tool for you.


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The Social Media Parallel Universe – Science Meets Social

Aside from being a Social Media geek, I am also a nerd. I am fascinated by creation, science and learning about physics. Add to that being a visual learner and the Discovery and Science channels are fairly high on my list of TV favorites, when I occasionally watch the tube.

I really like Dr. Michio Kaku. You know, the only theoretical physicist that seems to be a socially acceptable human being that can make extremely complex physics understandable to the average person. He has an incredible ability to take complicated theories, mathematical computations and science and translate it into analogies that seem simple. Those of you that read my blog often know that is something I try to do myself, only in the far less complex world of social media marketing.

Today I wanted to answer two of the questions I frequently get when I speak or have a consulting engagement with a client. The questions are:

1) “How do we act, engage and respond in social media?”

2) “How do we get more followers?”

In comes the Parallel universe analogy.

Social media is a parallel universe to the real world we all reside in. You need to act and engage within this parallel universe in a similar manner that you do in any other social or business scenario within our live realm. Sounds simple, right? It is.

If you were at a networking event in real life, would you walk into the room and sit in a chair in the corner and hope people come find you and ask you what you do? At that event, would you stand in the middle of the room and start talking really loud about everything you like and not listen to anyone else? Would you only talk about you and what you do without asking other people to explain their business? Would you take a compliment or introduction from someone at the event and ignore them and not say thank you at least? Of course not!

Then why do you do this in social media? In this parallel universe we call social media, you need to use social grace exactly how you do in real life. Say hello, get others talking about themselves, build relationships and connection. Want more followers? Follow more accounts that are your target audience.

Too many people make social media too difficult. Too many “guru’s” make it out to be rocket science and it isn’t. It is a medium that requires a lot of time and effort to be useful. No matter whether it’s Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin or any other social network, putting in the right amount of time with the right amount of effort, exactly how we all do in the real world makes the social media parallel universe most effective!


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Two Things You Need To Know About Facebook Questions

If you are a Facebook user, there is little doubt that you are seeing the new “Questions” platform permeating your news feed. Daily, I am seeing silly questions like “Which is better? Bikini or One Piece”, all the way to valuable questions like “Are you making money on Social Media?” The interesting thing to me is how little most people know about Facebook’s latest upgrade and I wanted to give you my insight.

1) Enhancing Engagement

Facebook’s genius is in it’s Ad Platform and the critical mass of user population it has garnered. Where they have killed Google, is in providing advertisers a potentially higher targeted ad delivery system based on user entered profile information and real-time discussions and posts.

None of the above would be possible if people were not engaging, sharing and staying on the site for hours at a time. In the industry, we call this “sticky”. Things that keep users logged in. The more things you click on within Facebook, the more pages Facebook delivers to your screen, resulting in more ads they can display and more revenue they can obtain from advertisers.  The new Facebook Questions platform has done an amazing job in this respect.

2) It’s All About The Data

Probably the most stealthy aspect of Facebook Questions that most of us have overlooked is the enhancement of data related to every user in the system. Facebook already knows where you live, some of your interests and those of your friends, but if they could add to that whether you like Coke or Pepsi, Coffee or Tea, Republican or Democrat, that data just got even more targeted and valuable for advertisers.

THIS fact is what’s really behind the new Questions platform. Genius, Potentially Invasive, HUGELY profitable!

To start a new question click the “Questions” Link on the left side of your home page. Type your question and possible answers and you’re done.

Used properly, it can also be a great addition to your social media marketing campaigns.  Enjoy!


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