Two Things You Need To Know About Facebook Questions

If you are a Facebook user, there is little doubt that you are seeing the new “Questions” platform permeating your news feed. Daily, I am seeing silly questions like “Which is better? Bikini or One Piece”, all the way to valuable questions like “Are you making money on Social Media?” The interesting thing to me is how little most people know about Facebook’s latest upgrade and I wanted to give you my insight.

1) Enhancing Engagement

Facebook’s genius is in it’s Ad Platform and the critical mass of user population it has garnered. Where they have killed Google, is in providing advertisers a potentially higher targeted ad delivery system based on user entered profile information and real-time discussions and posts.

None of the above would be possible if people were not engaging, sharing and staying on the site for hours at a time. In the industry, we call this “sticky”. Things that keep users logged in. The more things you click on within Facebook, the more pages Facebook delivers to your screen, resulting in more ads they can display and more revenue they can obtain from advertisers.  The new Facebook Questions platform has done an amazing job in this respect.

2) It’s All About The Data

Probably the most stealthy aspect of Facebook Questions that most of us have overlooked is the enhancement of data related to every user in the system. Facebook already knows where you live, some of your interests and those of your friends, but if they could add to that whether you like Coke or Pepsi, Coffee or Tea, Republican or Democrat, that data just got even more targeted and valuable for advertisers.

THIS fact is what’s really behind the new Questions platform. Genius, Potentially Invasive, HUGELY profitable!

To start a new question click the “Questions” Link on the left side of your home page. Type your question and possible answers and you’re done.

Used properly, it can also be a great addition to your social media marketing campaigns.  Enjoy!

4 thoughts on “Two Things You Need To Know About Facebook Questions

  1. Great points. I was really excited about fb questions when it first came out. For engagement and data but it hasn’t caught on as well as I expected. It’s great for opinion but definitely lacks depth compared to Quora or linkedIn

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