The Social Media Parallel Universe – Science Meets Social

Aside from being a Social Media geek, I am also a nerd. I am fascinated by creation, science and learning about physics. Add to that being a visual learner and the Discovery and Science channels are fairly high on my list of TV favorites, when I occasionally watch the tube.

I really like Dr. Michio Kaku. You know, the only theoretical physicist that seems to be a socially acceptable human being that can make extremely complex physics understandable to the average person. He has an incredible ability to take complicated theories, mathematical computations and science and translate it into analogies that seem simple. Those of you that read my blog often know that is something I try to do myself, only in the far less complex world of social media marketing.

Today I wanted to answer two of the questions I frequently get when I speak or have a consulting engagement with a client. The questions are:

1) “How do we act, engage and respond in social media?”

2) “How do we get more followers?”

In comes the Parallel universe analogy.

Social media is a parallel universe to the real world we all reside in. You need to act and engage within this parallel universe in a similar manner that you do in any other social or business scenario within our live realm. Sounds simple, right? It is.

If you were at a networking event in real life, would you walk into the room and sit in a chair in the corner and hope people come find you and ask you what you do? At that event, would you stand in the middle of the room and start talking really loud about everything you like and not listen to anyone else? Would you only talk about you and what you do without asking other people to explain their business? Would you take a compliment or introduction from someone at the event and ignore them and not say thank you at least? Of course not!

Then why do you do this in social media? In this parallel universe we call social media, you need to use social grace exactly how you do in real life. Say hello, get others talking about themselves, build relationships and connection. Want more followers? Follow more accounts that are your target audience.

Too many people make social media too difficult. Too many “guru’s” make it out to be rocket science and it isn’t. It is a medium that requires a lot of time and effort to be useful. No matter whether it’s Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin or any other social network, putting in the right amount of time with the right amount of effort, exactly how we all do in the real world makes the social media parallel universe most effective!

27 thoughts on “The Social Media Parallel Universe – Science Meets Social

  1. Hmm, this seems to come from some discussions earlier this week. Courtesy goes a long way in both real life and that social media parallel universe. Well written, Robert…retweet pending ;)

  2. Robert you are the Dr. Michio Kaku of Social Media. How well put. You hit the social media nail on the head. Thanks for taking time to sharpen our own skills and keep it real in an ever increasing technology matrix.

    1. LOL I am nothing of the sort! That’s an insult to Mr. Kaku. hahaha I just believe strongly in helping others learn to navigate this crazy Social Media world. Nobody helped me figure it out, so I want to help others.

      Thanx for the kind words Roger!


  3. When you first told me this, it made sense but was not personal. As I have gotten more into social media, it means so much more to me. I am amazed at how many gurus out there seem to spend most of their time on twitter loving each other. I see shout outs and love notes back and forth from expert to expert and rarely see these folks engage with “the little people”.

    What really gets my goat:
    – auto DM responses when I follow someone, especially when they do not auto-follow me. The result, I cant even reply to their DM and clearly they have no real interest in connecting.
    – There is one person that has a Klout score of 80+ that continues to call me Alan, despite the fact that my profile and all of my posts clearly have my full name. But at least he does engage.
    – I recently made the decision to unfollow a few experts because as time went on, I realized they were tweeting the same tired platitudes over and over and over. It was tough picturing them being effective anywhere other than the twitterverse.

  4. You bang my drum Rob, with this stuff.. everyday personal communication is developing a bit more in new ways. Check out the work of the phenomenological school very apt for social media.

    One guy I really get a lot from is Aaron Cicourel at the university of California, well worth a read on concepts of how we negotiate reality especially his work on Juvenile Justice in the 60’s

  5. By this analogy, I feel like I am standing in a warehouse full of people shouting their lungs out about their own interests. There are little groups of people gathered around some of them. There are some real people, but mostly it’s companies and organisations. They don’t seem to hear me when I say anything. Is it just me or is the Australian public a little bit slow on the uptake of Twitter?

  6. “You need to act and engage within this parallel universe in a similar manner that you do in any other social or business scenario within our live realm. Sounds simple, right? It is.”

    Thank you for this. Common sense, clearly stated. Relaxing ….

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