4 Facebook Event Fails to Avoid in Social Media

A few weeks ago I received an invite to a Facebook Event. I did not recognize the name of the person inviting me from my 4,000 “friends” so I went to look at the event. This was very troubling to me and thought I would share a few things that might help a few of you…

Facebook Event #Fails to Avoid:

1) Don’t Beg

Seriously???? I get this on Facebook and Twitter frequently. Please join my fanpage, etc. Desperation is NOT a factor that people tend to be drawn to. Instead give people a reason to come connect with your page, and make it specific, not general.

2) Invite only relevant audiences

Not only do I not know this individual, but what his page was about is completely irrelevant to me, my life and my business. If you are in Keokuk, IA and your business is a local restaurant, don’t invite people from New York City. Furthermore, if your business is a national B to B supplier, inviting the housewives on your friends list will certainly not benefit YOU or THEM!

Think quality, not quantity.

3) Engage before inviting

It amazes me how frequently I am invited to an event from people that have never taken the time to engage with me. Remember, social media mirrors the real world. What you would do in the real world is what you need to do in social media. Therefore, if you want to cold market, buy a targeted direct mail list, design a print piece and mail it. You will get better results and do less damage to your brand!

If you want to make social media and Facebook Events more effective, engage with your target audience and through those relationships they will be open to your events.

4) Don’t use Events to invite to your page

I would think this would go without saying, but this will NEVER be effective for you. Social media is about value, not self promotion. Using Facebook Events in this way only makes you look bad and alienates you from your “friends”.

I receive about 5-15 invites to Facebook events every single day. I would say that only about 1 in 50 are valuable to me from someone I know through engagement within the network. There are many valuable uses for Facebook Events. Avoiding these few #Fails will help ensure when you do use them, they will be valuable for your audience and an effective social media marketing tool for you.

4 thoughts on “4 Facebook Event Fails to Avoid in Social Media

  1. Also, if I state that I can’t make it to the event because of time constraints, don’t reply how long the event actually will be. Obviously, travel to and from the event will make it longer. I went out of my way to actually list a reason why I can’t attend the event, don’t shove it in my face like I’m a bad person.

  2. Still haven’t crossed over to doing biz on Facebook. I’ll occasionally cross-post because I want my friends to have a clue on what I do for a living. I’ll also accept Facebook Events when it has to do with some professional networking. Otherwise, I’m still a Facebook 90/10 personal-to-professional (LinkedIn 90/10 pro-to-personal and Twitter 60/40 pro-to-personal)

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