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Social Media – It’s Relationship, Stupid!

There are so many things that go on in social media by people that really get it. Unfortunately, there is a lot more I see from those that don’t. Understanding the conversational and relationship aspect of social media marketing is often a difficult thing for people to grasp. Believe it or not, I find that digital marketing professionals and traditional ad agency types have the most difficult time with the transition. That goes for network or MLM marketers as well.

Some of the people that seem to excel within social media are the non-marketing experienced individuals that by nature are highly social. You know the types, no matter where they go they end up in conversation with complete strangers. Starbucks and a coffee results in 2 new friendships and exchanging of telephone numbers for future connection. They seem to understand and read people well, culminating in a constant expanding network of associates and friends. I love these people!

Here is what I have found in my experience in social media… People are truly social animals. We all like attention, we appreciate assistance and we gravitate to those that provide that. Of my 15,000 followers, I know hundreds by name without opening their profiles. I pay attention to when they have been gone on vacation and remember to follow up. It’s just like the real world. These factors and contacts create and develop connections and relationships that grow and thrive.

Through these relationships, naturally people draw together around business. Being genuine, showing interest in your Twitter followers, Facebook friends and fans, establishes interest. Interest in you as a person and your service or product.

It never ceases to amaze me that when I have discussions with people within the social graph about THEM and what they do, inevitably they quickly become interested in what we do and sign up for BundlePost. Engaging and building relationships in social media results in revenue and ROI. So quit being stupid and constantly self promoting. Forge relationships by getting to know and helping others and see your results change dramatically!



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The Friend/Follower Quantity vs Quality Debate – A Definitive Guide

I am constantly being asked about the issue of quantity of Twitter followers or Facebook fans. I see tweets and blog posts about the subject continually. As a matter of fact, I recently posted one of my most viewed blogs called “Social Media Faux Expert Gurus – Evil Pied Pipers?“, which detailed one such individual with hundreds of thousands of followers. This post furthered the discussion about people with a ton of followers. Many stated that it’s not about the quantity, but the quality of your network. Though I agree whole heartedly with this premise, I want to discuss the other side a bit as well.

My view is this…  It is not an either/or debate, but a BOTH requirement. Meaning, you have to have a quality social network of followers and fans to be effective.  However you ALSO must have a large enough community to be effective as well.

Here’s an analogy:

If you are going to place a radio advertisement on THE most targeted station for your target market, but they only have 1,000 listeners, it really won’t matter what the percentage of response is, it will be way too small of a number to be effective or highly profitable. You must have a large enough target audience to achieve both an effective percentage and quantity response rate.

With Social Media, you must develop a highly engaged, targeted audience that is made up of significant numbers. When I say targeted, I am referring to geographic (when appropriate), as well as demographic network users. You need to engage with these fans and followers to establish relationships and connections that deliver value. You need to continually reach out to new targeted users in order to expand your community to sizable levels that facilitate enough engagement and relationships to make this medium effective.

What quantity of followers/fans is appropriate? That depends on your brand, target market and numerous other factors. I tell my clients that the minimum bar should be approximately 2,000 for a local brand. But again, these must be targeted followers. The delicate balance between the two is crucial.

For tips on increasing your Twitter follower base, ready my post: The Social Media Parallel Universe – Science Meets Social


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*UPDATE* Social Media Faux Expert Gurus – Evil Pied Pipers?

We received such an incredible response to this post from so many people on Twitter, Facebook and the Blog itself, I wanted to shoot a quick update. The responses were from all ends of the spectrum of social media marketing people, strategists, enthusiasts and managers. Without exception, the views expressed were complimentary and appreciative, with a lot of additional input and suggestions.

With special thanx to @threefourteen  for a newly created Hashtag, we would like to introduce #fauxpert. Quickly seconded by @laurapasquini the #fauxpert hashtag is specifically to call BS on those in social media that either:

1) Profess to be an expert or guru.

2) Are seen as an expert or guru by the media and in interviews give advice and recommendations they clearly do not execute themselves.


3) Act as if they are an expert or guru and tell others what they should or shouldn’t do in an arrogant way.

Join us in clearing the social graph of such individuals by calling them out with the #fauxpert Hashtag.

Thank you all for your comments, Retweets and Shares!

Click to view the original post:
Social Media Faux Expert Gurus – Evil Pied Pipers?


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Social Media Faux Expert Gurus – Evil Pied Pipers?

I had the misfortune to connect with a social media “Guru” recently. After a phone call with this individual that has hundreds of thousands of followers, it became clear to me that they have NO CLUE what social media is or how to use it properly. I was bombarded with questions about Twitter, Hashtags and numerous other scenarios that a self-professed expert should clearly have well in hand.

This individual is frequently interviewed about social media and asked questions about how one should use the platform for effective marketing, relationship building, as well as to grow an engaged community. I am floored that so many that do not know any better listen to such people solely based on hundreds of thousands of followers.

It gets worse… Of course after my phone call with this person some months ago, I made sure I was following them on Twitter. I immediately followed the call with an @ mention thanking him for his time. Additionally, thinking this person was genuine in their social media desire to provide value, I also added them to my #FF (Follow Friday) list of folks I mention. Not only was there no reply to my message, there was not so much as a recognition of the several Follow Friday mentions I gave them.

Against my better judgement, I also friended the individual on Facebook, which resulted in an immediate arrogant promotional post on my wall about how many followers they have and how smart they are. Upon my commenting, I know “so and so”, we have spoken on the phone, I received ZERO response.

Upon analyzing their business, which simply tweets any crap someone is willing to pay them to tweet, it caused me to not only disengage completely from this person, but prompted me to write this post. So here are my suggestions to you:

1) Be careful who you connect with and give your like/follow to.

2) Verify that what notable people say YOU should do, they actually do themselves.

3) Use Social Media Marketing in such a way that provides value to others in a real human way, outside of cash for yourself.

4) Walk the walk daily. provide value to your audience and target market within social media and be consistent. Do it right and do it often.

* An Update to this post is at:


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