*UPDATE* Social Media Faux Expert Gurus – Evil Pied Pipers?

We received such an incredible response to this post from so many people on Twitter, Facebook and the Blog itself, I wanted to shoot a quick update. The responses were from all ends of the spectrum of social media marketing people, strategists, enthusiasts and managers. Without exception, the views expressed were complimentary and appreciative, with a lot of additional input and suggestions.

With special thanx to @threefourteen  for a newly created Hashtag, we would like to introduce #fauxpert. Quickly seconded by @laurapasquini the #fauxpert hashtag is specifically to call BS on those in social media that either:

1) Profess to be an expert or guru.

2) Are seen as an expert or guru by the media and in interviews give advice and recommendations they clearly do not execute themselves.


3) Act as if they are an expert or guru and tell others what they should or shouldn’t do in an arrogant way.

Join us in clearing the social graph of such individuals by calling them out with the #fauxpert Hashtag.

Thank you all for your comments, Retweets and Shares!

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Social Media Faux Expert Gurus – Evil Pied Pipers?



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9 responses to “*UPDATE* Social Media Faux Expert Gurus – Evil Pied Pipers?

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  2. Swwwwwing! uhhuh, this how we do now , uhhuh. Hang on cuz you know this is gonna be a bumpy ride. :-D
    You guys rule!!

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  4. matthewsm1th

    I love the #fauxexpert hashtag! I’ve also written about so-called social media experts, and I came to the same conclusion as you through a different route. Check it out: http://matthewsm1th.com/2011/10/11/theres-no-such-thing-as-a-social-media-expert/


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