Social Media is not Dead even though the World is Ending on May 21st

As many of you have heard, tomorrow is the day of Rapture.  According to some groups around the world, they believe they have determined that May 21, 2011 is Judgement Day.  As I sit here contemplating my last few hours, I thought I would jot a few things down for those of you who will remain after I am raptured.

Here are my suggestions to follow within social media after the apocalypse. This goes for Twitter, Facebook, Fanpages, etc.:

1) Stay connected. There will be a huge amount of disasters going on, so be sure to tweet frequently about you and what’s going on in your area and your industry.  This will show others you are not a bot or spammer and will increase your active follower base.

2) Reach out to others. Many people will be going nuts and not have a clue what to do or how to use social media, so be sure to follow others that are your target audience.  This will also increase your follower base since many will have lost family members in the rapture and/or due to the many disasters occurring tomorrow.

3) Engage with your followers. Having a lot  of post rapture followers will be useless if you don’t build relationships. People will need to know who they can count on everyday. This will deepen your connections with your followers and naturally they will want to know what you do.

4) Consistently post valuable social content. Who knows what the state of the media and communications will be in after tomorrow, so it will be important that you consistently post relevant content that your audience will find valuable. Don’t worry, you don’t have to write all the content yourself, make sure you are sharing appropriate blog posts, articles and news frequently enough so whenever your audience is connected, you will be giving them value. This will lead to conversations that will also deepen relationships, which will naturally result in business connections and Social Media ROI.

So, though I wont be hear after tomorrow, this blog will remain to help you moving forward before all is destroyed. Don’t give up on social media marketing, networking, engaging and building relationships just because I’m not here. Social Media must go on…

Robert M. Caruso
Founder/CEO – Bundle Post

P.S. Though this post is in jest and I fully expect to be here tomorrow. One day I do anticipate being raptured, so this will remain as my help for you. :-)

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One response to “Social Media is not Dead even though the World is Ending on May 21st

  1. Brian Vickery

    I’ll be with you buddy, so glad you left some fun wisdom behind.

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