Why Content is SO Important in Social Media

Within the social graph, content is everything. Text, posts, videos, blogs, pictures, etc are the currency we use to start conversations, provide value to others and maintain relationships. Everything in social media starts from content and much of the time it also ends there as well.

The most successful people I know in any industry have one thing in common. They are consistent…  Social Media is really no different. You must be consistent with everything you do. Providing relevant, interesting and valuable content on a consistent basis is the foundation of an effective social campaign.

Posting and sharing or retweeting content is at the core of what we do in social media and social media marketing. Whether it is something you wrote, photographed or video you shot, -or- similar content you post for your friends, followers and fans it matters. Posting consistent content on focused subjects can also positively effect your Klout topics and ultimately your score.

An example of this fact is the recent incident with the lovely Rep. Anthony Weiner. He shared some content that really created a buzz.

You can’t make this up…

Or what about this gem I shared on Facebook from Russel Williams. How many comments and connections do you think were made through this incredible content.  You just can’t make this stuff up!  The comments, RT’s and discussions this photo created on my Twitter account was amazing as well.

But seriously, social media content is extremely important and needs you consistent attention. Here are some suggestions to consider in your daily social media efforts:

1) Be consistent – both in the quality and quantity of the articles and content you post.

2) Value is key – be sure the majority of the content you are posting will be valuable and helpful to your audience.

3) Funny – The most shared and commented on content within the social graph is clearly humorous. When you laugh with people, you create connections and relationships that transcend the average. Don’t be afraid to have fun and be silly. This makes you human and people can relate to you.

4) Create your own content – in addition to sharing other people’s content, create your own. Blog posts, photo’s, videos and simple text posts. Make sure it follows the previous 3 suggestions above to be the most effective.

So remember that though engaging, connecting and building relationships are crucial components, it all starts with social media content!


12 thoughts on “Why Content is SO Important in Social Media

  1. Nice article. Very very true :) You should have seen the comment I got from sharing that photo on my FB and Twitter. You can’t make that up!

  2. Great post Robert. Completely agree with everything you’ve laid out here, but especially #2. We advise our clients to add value to the customer experience through social media, and not use it to sell or market to them.

    Joel, copywriter
    Powerhouse Marketing, Kansas City

    1. Thank you so much Joel.

      I mostly agree with you, however there is a place for promotion within the social graph, as long as you have done the work to engage, build relationships and are delivering value daily with your OTHER content posts.

      Thanx again for the comments.


  3. I agree on all four of your points.
    – I try to be consistent (and I have accountability partners like you to provide the friendly nudge when I’m late).
    – I look for value while keeping humor intact. I do find that I’m writing more from a relational standpoint versus statistical/measurement standpoint, though.
    – I like people who mix their content (blogs, tweets, tacebook), and that is probably the main reason why we get in so many engaging dialogues that build the relationship. I haven’t been brave enough to do video yet. Maybe I’ll dub a spokesmodel since I’m nothing to look at ;)

  4. “your broke” – Hope they spend some of his money on grammer lessons.

    #2 Value – Agreed. The only thing I’d add is be sure its relevant in the long-term otherwise you are generating tons of content that no one will ever care about again which is very expensive.

    Excellent points. Nice article.

  5. Thanks for sharing. Content will always be the most important thing that can make our social media campaign effective. It will reflect our identity, that includes who we are and what we do. We can craft an effective and relevant content if we study and understand first our prospects;)

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