Social Media Aggregation – 2 Ways To Leverage Daily Online Papers

We have all experienced the frequent feed posts stating “The so-and-so, such and such daily is out – Top stories by:”.  Clicking the link takes you to some or Summify hosted newspaper.  Though many people have latched on to the online paper craze, as a social media professional I am not a fan.

Before you all get up in arms, let’s take a look at this from a social media marketing perspective. We all tend to agree that content drives the social web. The main purpose for content is to drive conversation that leads to relationships, which in turn tend to open up opportunities for revenue and ROI. So whenever you mention one of your followers, there needs to be purpose behind it that leads to relationship and conversation.

My experience is that, for the most part, those that mention me in their daily’s (approx 20-30 times a day), rarely engage with me outside of these mentions. Furthermore, they rarely respond to my replies regarding these mentions. This leads me to conclude that many (not all) use the service as a crutch for their social media campaigns. Taking the lazy way out, rather than truly understanding the medium and what it takes to make it successful long term.

Aggregation of content is a fabulous thing. Using it properly within the social graph can be very powerful.  However, simply automating that aggregation to an “online paper” that has little or no audience, community or engagement connected is doing you more harm than good. If you are determined to use such aggregation papers, here are two simple suggestions to make them more effective.

1) RT the content:  When your online paper sends your automated posts about your followers content, try actually Retweeting the content mentioned. This will give you, the presumed valuable content and your follower much more exposure and increase the opportunity for engagement and conversation.

2) Engage with the followers in your daily:  Rather than just letting the automated online paper system post to your stream, pay attention to the followers the system is aggregating content from and target those followers for conversation. If their content is ending up in your daily, we can presume they are influencing your news feed quite heavily and therefore make them an excellent follower to engage with. Building a relationship with these followers will extend your current reach within the social graph, providing value to your audience, these relationships as well as YOU!


5 thoughts on “Social Media Aggregation – 2 Ways To Leverage Daily Online Papers

    1. Thank you Cheri. Yes, I too get annoyed with them in my feeds constantly without any relationship with the person posting them, however as usual I try to use annoying situations to attempt to engage and build a relationship. Hopefully newspaper users with heed the advice and do the same.

      Thanx as always for commenting!


  1. Moreover its really irritating sometimes when there is your name in tweet but when you actually view that paper you don’t find your post…
    Also when you try to leave the subscription process you’re not allowed to do so… again on scheduled time you’ll find that automated tweet..

  2. I was SO confused the first time I saw a tweet with me mentioned in a! And a lilttle embarrassed because I thought I might get ‘caught’. ‘I didnt write that though! Its not my story’. O my, however did this happen?! Then I heard of and figured it all out. Whoosh! Relief! I honestly dont pay too much attention when I see my name in one of these because I know the person didnt mean to mention me or include me, I just happen to be on some list somewhere for something. I love the idea behind in terms of automating a way to curate content but its way too all over the place. Take me for example, I tweet about social media a lot so it wouldnt be crazy for someone to put me on their social media list BUT that’s not all I tweet about so they run the risk that another tweet will come up with some highly irrelevant content. Thought about trying it and never did and probably never will.

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