Video Chat – Google+ X Facebook + Skype = Game on

As Google plus dominated headlines in the social media world, behind the scenes Facebook and Skype had been planning all along. One of the features that Google+ is the “hangout”, which allows you to do group video chats with people in your circles. Unique? Not so much. Unique within social networks, yes. But wait…

When I heard that Microsoft had purchased Skype on May 10th, I knew exactly where this was headed. Since Microsoft’s Bing search and Facebook were already partnering, it was very natural to assume a video partnership was on it’s way. You may recall me posting on my feeds that this was inevitable.

I will reserve my comments and views related to Google Plus for another post, because this morning, I watched Facebook’s Live page, where Mark Zuckerberg announced video calling, using Skype that brings the same functionality to Facebook. In the live broadcast, Zuckerberg explained that on their platform Billions of things are shared everyday. This is no small number and shows how

With 750  million users already on Facebook and additional untold millions using Skype for personal and business efforts, this lightens the media frenzy surrounding Google+. The barrier of adoption for new integration of products and services someone already uses is far lower than getting people to change behavior to something different. This was true when I tried to install the Google Plus Hangout plug-in and my Google Chrome Browser crashed.

More importantly, brand pages have an incredible sales tool to provide customer service, sales and support functions real time right where their fans and friends already reside. That fact is very compelling in my humble opinion. It is yet clear how the pages will connect with the video capability. The incredibly smart move here allows me to stay in Facebook and video chat with my friends/business contacts, without leaving the Facebook infrastructure. That equals ease of use and low barrier to adoption.

It will be interesting to see how all of this integrates into the social graph.  I for one think it is an amazing step forward for social communication.


8 thoughts on “Video Chat – Google+ X Facebook + Skype = Game on

  1. Just wondering, Don’t Google has all the tools to make it one of the most complete Social CRM? Considering the documents, chat, emails and now all the capabilities that G+ has introduced..I do believe they are hitting the jackpot.

    Yes, FB pages does allow us to manage our businesses..but I don’t see G+ is naive enough to ignore this. May be I am not aware of how powerful FB pages are as I didn’t really used them from business point of view. But I do believe, if Google plays it right..we might end up with a huge Social CRM in no time.

  2. Very smart addition to the dialogue, Robert! FB and Google both seek additional means of monetizing their network effects, and using video chat across multiple connections has enormous potential. If FB and Google+ can also provide screen sharing, then GToMeeting had better look for a different exit strategy.

    1. I agree… However since the core Skype functionality already exists for screen sharing, I will bet you see it on FB far before Google+. We shall see…

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