How Starbucks Influences Social Media On and Offline

There are not too many things in the world that have a lot of influence within as well as outside of the social graph. One of them is no doubt Starbucks for many reasons. Whether on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or countless others, this discussion of Starbucks, meetings and appointments always seem to come up.

As many of you have come to understand me, you realize that I am really big on coffee and I frequent many Starbucks locations around the Portland Metro area for meetings. Recently, I have even started posting funny coffee pics of the day to continue and expand the influence I have on the topic. Why you ask???

Within social media, it seems that coffee and even Starbucks are highly connected. Just ask my Starbucks buddy @UltimateVirtual or the Charity Metro Toy Drive I am involved with. Many of our personality types are into coffee and subsequently into Starbucks for their consistency and quantity of locations.

Starbucks has influenced my social media conversations significantly in three main ways:

1) Social Media gets real – My world view of social media marketing says that it is all about building relationships. So it is a must to get social media outside of the social graph exclusively and into phone, face-to-face and email. People buy from people they know and like, we know this. Meeting at a Starbucks creates a relaxed environment to get to know someone and build relationship.

Everyone knows what Starbucks is and where many are located. Setting up and conducting a face-to-face in their environment can be very effective.

2) As a topic – I have found (as stated above) that coffee in our American culture at least, as well as across the social graph is prolific. Many of us are over achievers, innovators and hard working people. This intensity tends to create an atmosphere where many of us connect around this energy drink for bonding and inspiration.

At this point if I simply mention coffee, or check into a Starbucks for a meeting, it automatically opens up conversation and engagement that builds deeper connections with my social graph. Funny? Maybe.  Fun? Definitely.  Effective? My results show that to be true…

3) Through Metro Toy Drive – Since Starbucks happens to be the largest partner for Metro Toy Drive it has become even more integrated into my social marketing awareness and implementation directive. This only makes sense though, right?

Be sure you leverage Coffee appointments and discussions with your social graph to create conversation, build connection and move social out of digital to develop lasting personal and business relationships.


7 thoughts on “How Starbucks Influences Social Media On and Offline

  1. I cannot help but think how the two of us first connected on Twitter. It was you tweeting about coffee and me poking fun at how much you craved it. Thanks Starbucks for a great connection!

  2. Great points. I think a lot of people appreciate Starbucks as a social place that gives great products. This is very evident in the Starbucks book ONWARD written by their ceo. I’m currently in the middle of it and it’s just fantastic. Really shows the trickle-down effect, ceo cares about employees, employees care about their jobs, product is influenced by a great attitude.

  3. I love Starbucks the company, I do find a few varieties of their coffee a bit over-roasted. However, I do like there coffee in general and their other offerings as well. Starbucks employees many Americans, takes care of their workers(my nephew recently promoted to manager), and Starbucks is actively seeking ways to employee more in the face of opposition from the Government. God Bless Starbucks; the Coffee, The Business, the institution – Yeh! Cool Stuff; @hermatech

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