The Importance of Content within Social Media

Yesterday I had some interesting conversations related to Social Media marketing, analytics, strategy and performance indicators. This led to a couple comments and subsequent posts I made and I thought it would be helpful to share those more globally today.

First was my comment “Social Media Marketing requires you to be social in your actions, just as in real life. Relationships trump strategy, tactics and performance indicators, forcing business to stay inline with what social media is… Social”  I am not saying that tactics, strategy and tracking are not important to the overall mix, but that relationships are what drive social media success. Brands that realize this, are the ones that are successful within the social graph.

This led to a further discussion about how I see Social Media Marketing and the path that leads to success. I believe that everything within social media starts with content. That is any and all posts we make. From checking in at a coffee house, commenting on what we are doing now, and article we share or a photo we upload. This is where it all starts.

Understanding the importance of content as the starting point is crucial to a successful strategy. More importantly it should be what drives your strategy, activities and results. I put it this way:

Social Media Path:

Content leads to Conversation
Conversation leads to Relationships
Relationships lead to Business and
Business leads to ROI

Developing a content strategy that does the following will ensure you are on the proper path to social media ROI.


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