How Often Should You Post On Twitter, Facebook Etc…

When discussing social media marketing, content strategy and Bundle Post with people, I get a lot of questions regarding frequency to post. “How often should I Post?”  –  The single most frequent question I hear, and one that has no standard, simple answer. Every brand is different and therefore a different audience and strategy.

As long as we are clear that there is no standard, “cookie cutter” answer to this question, I will attempt to give a simple content plan that can be used as a starting point for many small to medium sized companies and/or individuals using social media for business. We are going to focus on only a few platforms that are most used and have the broadest relevance for my readers. As we layout a starter content schedule, you need to keep in mind the understanding that Social Media is a Freeway, and that you have to have enough cars on the road to be effective. Here we go…

All frequencies are DAILY recommendations, for 7 days per week:


Frequency: 12-20 content posts,  5-10 personal posts, 5-10 RT’s/comments on others content


Content Posts – Are relevant, selfless (non-promotional) news, blogs, articles that you can share and will be valuable to your audience. Within these 12-20, you CAN include 1-2 per day that are specifically about you, what you do, your blog, etc. Be careful on the frequency of posts that “pitch” what you do.

Personal Posts – Are posts that don’t include links and make you human to your followers. Things like the weather, checkins, funny comments or pictures. Telling content that makes you approachable and spark conversation and relationship building with YOU as an individual, not your company, product or service.

RT’s/Comments – Since we know everything starts with content, which leads to conversation, you need to follow this principle as well. Take time reviewing your news feed to find content from your followers that is valuable and share it. Comment on the human or content posts from your audience. This will build relationships, show that you value them and lead to other conversations and opportunities.

*note – ALWAYS respond to mentions and Retweets from your followers. Thank them and look for opportunities to start conversations.

**note 2 – NEVER post a bunch of content at the same time or seconds/minutes apart. Spread your content posting across the day in intervals that show consistency. Nobody likes a broadcaster!

Facebook Fanpage:

Frequency: 1-2 content posts


NEVER post more than about 2 posts per day on your fanpage. I liken facebook to your living room. If you invite someone to your home and constantly talk about yourself and what you do, how often do you think they will want to come back? Answer: They won’t!

Be sure that the content posts you are sharing are not just about you and your company, but you include other relevant, interesting posts that your audience will find valuable, interesting and/or fun. Focus your content posts about your company, product or service on the new and exciting information and post your content in a way that will foster engagement and comments.

Facebook Personal Profile:

Frequency: 3-5 content posts,  3-7 personal posts, 5-10 likes/comments on others content


Content Posts – Similar to Twitter, these are relevant, selfless (non-promotional) news, blogs, articles that are valuable to your audience, and often somewhat industry related to your business.

Personal Posts – Again, like Twitter, these are posts that don’t include links and make you human to your followers. Things like the weather, checkins, funny comments or pictures that are totally not connected to your business industry. Some of the best content for this is funny videos and pictures. Nothing gets more traction and causes more conversation within the social graph than humor. Have fun with it!

Likes/Comments – Be sure to engage and show interest in others. I am constantly “un-friending” folks on my personal profile that invite me to events, yet have never engaged with me or even attempted to show interest in me or what I do. #Fail

Again, I want to reiterate that this is a guide for small/medium businesses using social media to create relationships in business. You may need to make modifications to this template for your business/accounts and/or seek some additional guidance from a Social Media Agency. If you are sitting there thinking there is no way you can accomplish this, you need to consider reading “How You Know You Need To Hire A Social Media Firm…” as well.


22 thoughts on “How Often Should You Post On Twitter, Facebook Etc…

  1. Good post. This has to be the number 1 (or close to it) question whenever you start talking about social media. I find it interesting how you tackle the question over the multiple networks and I am glad to see you differentiate. I hope others realize that they aren’t all the same.

    1. Thank you Chris… Obviously, I could keep right on going with the likes of Linkedin, etc, but wanted to give a baseline template start for folks floundering. Thanx for the feedback and comment!


    1. And each brand using each tool should have effective strategy for content. This could go on and on, but I think you already got the idea. :-)

      Thanx for the vote of confidence Andrew!


  2. Thank you, Robert – I have started actively in Twitter only in the last two months and wish to build a personal brand. I am in the exploration stage and your post is very helpful – good practical guidance (love numbers and measurable metrics) and a doable plan.

  3. Wow! Its a lot of work to maintain a schedule like this but I agree with you completely and really love how you spelt it out for all of us. What do you think we should do or can do better to meet goals like these? For example, you suggest to post 12-20 content posts per day. How do we keep track of this, consume/share the content and do our day job all at the same time? Love to hear your take on this because its something I am struggling with lately.

    1. That my dear is a much bigger question that requires a bit more time to answer than a bunch of text. Tools are a start on that and time management and priorities surrounding specific goals are another.

      Happy to chat some time and give u some direction. :-)


  4. Excellent overview Robert. I like how you compared social media to a freeway! Totally painted the right picture. As for a personal brand goes, I’m going to take your advice and start tweeting more personal updates like check ins and funny happenings in my life.

    I notice a lot of my personal updates get the most interaction, which only makes sense because they set the stage for dialog to happen!

    1. Definitely Jacob. People connect and build relationships with people. not logos and brands they don’t know. The more human you make your social media accounts, the more relationships you will have.

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