One Social Media Requirement For Every Retail Business

This last Sunday I took my son (two and a half) to pizza. As we approached the doors of the place, I noticed something.  Something social. Then as we walked in the doors I saw it EVERYWHERE. What did I see?  Social media proliferation. These people “get it”.

Social media strategists, consultants, agencies and staff do (or at least SHOULD) consult their clients on social media optimization. Tell them how to improve their website given today’s socially connected consumers. You should be helping them integrate their social properties into there existing marketing in order to obtain the best relationship and customer service opportunities with their customers. If you aren’t doing this, or the folks providing your social media management aren’t talking to you about this, you are missing the boat!

Now we know, or at least should already know about social media optimization in the traditional sense, but are you optimizing your store, restaurant or business? What do I mean? Back to Pizza…

This is what was on every door and every table in this restaurant. When my company was doing social media management and consulting, this kind of thing was a priority with our clients. Providing them with door signs, table toppers and even stickers reaped huge benefits. People flocked to the social sites and immediate became part of the brand community, regardless of whether the brand was a small mom and pop.

If you are in retail, this is one of the most important next steps you can do to further your social media program. Unlike the example I am showing here, you need to include the Twitter, Blog and YouTube channel locations as well (if appropriate).

Be sure there are larger signs on the front doors with this information as well. Just because you are closed, doesn’t mean your customers and prospects aren’t coming to your door. If you are closed, they will see how they can engage with you during off hours. If you are open, you will remind them where they can connect with you.

If you want to get really creative, do something special for the folks that connect with you through this signage when they mention you on Twitter or comment on your fanpage. Make your signage reflect some special or deal they get for doing so. But be simple and don’t make it expensive or difficult to track or manage. A little goes a long way.

I am no designer, but I have an old Photoshop (PSD) template we would sometimes use for our clients. Feel free to download this FREE social media sign template, use it, edit it or just get inspiration to create your own. I hope you find it helpful.

To download the Photoshop PSD template, click here


5 thoughts on “One Social Media Requirement For Every Retail Business

  1. As we get deeper and deeper into technology with our marketing strategies, lets not forget that sometimes the best tactic isnt to re-invent the wheel but maybe just to update it. Using our marketing/advertising roots of signage combined with technology is simple, inexpensive, yet reaches probably the broadest range of current and potential customers. Embrace it!

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