How A Niche Online Retailer Changed Everything With Social Media

I would like you to meet Arthur Scharf, the founder and owner of an amazing online business called Renaissance Art. They produce and sell individually, handcrafted leather journal and book covers, among many other amazing products worldwide. Pretty niche market isn’t it? You’re right it is.

Arthur and I connected on Twitter a few months back. He often messaged me asking questions about social media marketing and what he should be doing. I distinctly remember the comment that went something like “I don’t get how Twitter can help me” or close to it. Arthur became an expanded user of our Bundle Post technology to manage the vast amount of content his company has to share in social media. As the questions kept coming, I decided to work with him weekly to develop a social media strategy and help him execute it.

Here is the process we followed: (greatly simplified for this post to make it brief)

1) Tools – We started by getting him set up in Hootsuite so he could better manage conversations across the social graph, as well as post content to the various networks he and his company is engaged. We incorporated Bundle Post and Twitter search tools to manage his social media content and grow his very targeted community.

2) Strategy – Next, we worked on a plan to build his fan/follower base made up of targeted users that are his likely market. Once determining his target market, we determined the type of content the audience would find valuable and interesting and set up Bundle Post to focus on that content. A plan for quantity of posting across the various social networks was created, along with schedules of the times to post to each platform. Partnership opportunities with other users was identified and a plan for handling this was created.

3) Execution – Speaking once a week, we reviewed the day-to-day activity Arthur was doing, the challenges he was experiencing and any additional training and help on the tools he needed. Our discussions focused on ensuring he was hitting the minimum posting, engagement and other established activities outlined in the strategy we developed.


After just a few weeks of implementing the strategic plan and subsequent activity here is the message we received from Arthur: “11 days, 246 new targeted followers, 7 Joint Venture deals, 6 new direct sales I know of. Thank you @BundlePost ” . Additionally, Arthur has realized an 18 point increase in his Klout score, rapid Facebook fanpage growth and engagement, along with increased website traffic and a host of additional new relationships where he is realizing mutual benefits.


Have a clear strategy for your niche market. Provide value in your content posts. Map the required time, activity and tools required to maintain the strategy. Focus on building relationships. Be very targeted in everything you do.

So there you have it. Even a small online retailer can quickly and effectively utilize social media marketing to drive incremental revenue gains with this medium. Have you developed a strategy? Are you committing the proper time and activity to achieve results?

My next post will try to outline how to create a simple social media strategy for community development, content and activity that will help you develop a program that delivers results.


5 thoughts on “How A Niche Online Retailer Changed Everything With Social Media

    1. Oh yes… There are some minimal suggested SMO stuff needed. However with the results they already get, the niche industry they are in and several other factors, being the best looking site isn’t the priority. Having said that, it is a topic of discussion. Thanx for the input!

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