A Real Example of Effective Social Media Monitoring and Engagement

Last week I was watching TV with my baby boy (@Sprout TV) and saw an interesting commercial for something called the Total Bib. It kind of made me chuckle, which caused me to tweet something like “Total Bib reminds me of something out of a Saturday Night Live sketch”. The tweet received a few laughs and comments, but viral twitter post it wasn’t.

A few hours later, I received a reply tweet from @TotalBib thanking me for the mention and engaging me in conversation. I was pretty amazed since I was not following them previously, they were simply monitoring the stream. They simply took the time and made the effort to do some simple monitoring of the Twitter stream to identify opportunity.

They then took it a step further by taking the time to review my bio to recognize I am a single father, as well as someone with a little bit of influence in the social graph (despite what Klout says :-) ). Putting two and two together, these bright folks then engaged with me in a DM conversation that lead to them sending me one of their Bibs for my two and a half year old.

I am not writing this post to promote Total Bib, nor am I returning the favor for their gracious free gift, however it certainly has achieved some exposure and social media cheer leading.  My motivation for this post is to show other businesses the power of social media monitoring within your marketing program and how to capitalize on that monitoring after it identifies target market.

There are two main points to take from this:

1) Listen/Monitor: Whether using high-end Social Media Monitoring and Analytics tools such as Mantis Pulse Analytics or Twitter Lists, Google Alerts or simple Twitter searches, small through large brands should constantly be monitoring for mentions and opportunities to find and engage with their target market. Many opportunities are missed by companies that fail in this area, so planning is required.

2) Take Action: Once you identify your brand or product being discussed in the social graph, take the time to follow the person, engage them in conversation and evaluate the opportunities. Partnerships, special deals or straight forward relationship building should be your focus. We all want to feel important. Make them feel so and it will benefit your social media marketing tremendously!

Your social media marketing strategy must include monitoring along with all the other required components. Finding and capitalizing on opportunities through this added piece of your social media management will certainly pay dividends.

14 thoughts on “A Real Example of Effective Social Media Monitoring and Engagement

  1. Great post Robert. I think the key is to “take action”. I am a firm believer in in the power of conversation. Engaging with your audience in a meaningful way can go a long way and help generate goodwill. I also think it’s important for individuals (not just brands) to learn from your example. Be well and make it a great day!

  2. In the end, I imagine that you’re more likely to buy the Total Bib over the Enormous Bib because the company reached out. It’s amazing how simple outreach can do. While you mentioned that you’re not promoting them, you are still promoting the company’s name by merely blogging, which is such a benefit for them

  3. Thanks for mentioning Pulse Analytics, Robert. We are passionate about what we do, and the statistics and new rules of engagement literally DEMAND that you listen…monitor…and then engage the consumer wherever they are talking about you. Brands no longer have exclusive control over brand messaging, so we want to make sure our brands are always perceived in the best light and that our clients know that we hear them and acknowledge their opinions.

    Tools like Pulse also allow you to take more “educated action” when you see trends not just on an individual contributor basis…but for a particular demographic or product/service. It truly is “where social media meets actionable business intelligence”!

  4. Excellent post, Robert! I would also venture to say that brands cannot be afraid to engage even if the mention is of a negative tone. In those cases, it is even more important to reach out.

    Great job, Total Bib. And yes, it does have a “Happy Fun Ball” ring to it. Lol

    1. You are so correct Susie! One of the most important reasons to be in social media is to be able to address negative issues and show you care. If you know, what you don’t know, you can change it!

      Thanx for the comments Susie!

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