New Fanpage Capability Delivers Huge Win for Social Media Agencies And Marketers

Many of us social media marketing consultants, agencies and individuals are all pretty aware of Facebook fanpages and some of the functionality that can be added to customize, brand and improve the functionality, branding and results a page can achieve alone. The process of this customization can be time consuming and end up cluttering the navigation bar on the left side of a fanpage with a bunch of application tabs that ultimately offer limited value to the user -or- the brand.

Many of the apps available tend to offer little value to the user, resulting in little activity and use by them on the page. Many of us have heard of Involver and their fanpage apps that can be added to a page’s tabs one at a time. I find this distracting from the page itself and requires setting up each app one at a time and doing advertising for Involver instead of the brand. This is one of the main things I did not like about the app solutions.

Last week I was fortunate to make a connection on Twitter that ended up being something I believe will give social media agencies and marketers huge opportunities for additional revenue, robust functionality and improved results. I thought it was new and important enough to spend some time investigating and writing about it.

Introducing Social Stage. During my review of what they have developed and subsequent conversations with them directly, I am convinced that their technology delivers an incredible option that can help your fanpages achieve improved results and be at the core of a new additional revenue stream for social media agencies.

At the core of the Social Stage application is a platform based on iFrame technology, designed for fanpage micro website creation and hosting system that can easily be customized within a single tab on a Facebook page. Yes, I said a SINGLE tab. What’s more, small social media agencies, marketers and even brands, will no longer need to hire out the detailed customization functions to developers. The intuitive application gives you options with a non-programming required interface that helps a socially savvy manager to plug and play a very high end, custom micro website. Are you or your firm more into coding and programming deeper customization and functionality? No worries, they give you that option too!

The solution comes with an intuitive administration interface that provides full editing functions right inside of the Facebook page application. The company says that average development time is less than 2 hours for new users. That figure includes customizing inbound marketing and lead capture forms, thank you email messages and any downloadable deliverables such as PDF’s or coupon pages. I was especially interested in the lead generation forms and response pages that can capture customer information, becoming an active sales tool for your business. Furthermore the admin system lets you easily edit all form fields to make it exactly what you want for your client.

Social media agencies have an option for a White Label program that can be branded with your logo and link. Add to that an opportunity for charging your clients additional set up and monthly maintenance fees for your social media package and you are delivering additional value and income. The company says many agency users charge their clients $399-$999 for the micro website set up and $49+ per month for “hosting, maintenance and additional marketing support”. I think the value is there for the client.

Additional features of the Social Stage Platform Include:

1) Embedded video

2) Editable navigation tabs

3) External web URL links

4) Force “like” page options

5) Deals & Specials functionality

6) Numerous app plug ins for Blog,  integration

7) Pre-packaged app suites for vertical markets like restaurants, real estate, finance and sales companies, come with standard functionality and design choices.

8) Build your own from scratch option


Social Stage prices their solution as a subscription model, which is based on your pages total likes. The prices range from a Free program that is ad supported to enterprise options at $50+ per month. White Label agency options give you multiple fanpage support with price breaks that are worth looking into.

Since I focus my efforts and writing directed toward social media marketers, consultants, agencies and internal brand departments, I determined their new product something that would be very valuable to my readers. I am planning on getting the Social Stage application implemented on our Bundle Post fanpage myself. I really like the unique features and value it delivers and think it’s worth looking into for you as well.


I was not approached by Social Stage or asked to write this article. I came across their Twitter account and started engaging and asking questions. I got them on the phone and determined they are a startup and that we have the identical target market without any competing offerings. I am not yet a customer of Social Stage, but intend on being one very soon.


4 thoughts on “New Fanpage Capability Delivers Huge Win for Social Media Agencies And Marketers

  1. This is a great article. Social stage has almost every single feature I could want on my Facebook fan page(s). This is a powerful tool. However, one thing you did not mention is how clean it looks on your page. Does it look gimmicky at all? I wouldn’t want to pay $50 a month for something that advertises itself all over my fan page instead of my own brand.

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