Social Media, God and Thanksgiving

It’s November again and I can hardly believe another year is almost in the books. What a year it has been… New business, adjusting to a ton of personal changes and so many new and exciting opportunities in life. I am truly grateful and blessed…

Warning to reader – If you are expecting a normal social media marketing post from me, stop reading now. If you are expecting to read a traditional “Thanksgiving” post where the writer lists all the things they are thankful for, you may want to check Oprah for that. If you were thinking from the title, “uh oh, this guy is going to preach about God or something”, well you should stay, because I am no preacher.

HA! I always wanted to do some kind of reader warning in a blog post. Seemed like a great topic to give it a whirl. *Thinks to myself that I really hope everyone stayed… Ok, back to my regularly scheduled post.

I was thinking a lot last week about Thanksgiving coming, how it will be dramatically different for my kids and I this year. It also had me reflecting on the entire year as I pondered what I could write about regarding social media and the holiday. Something kept coming to mind and I decided to let it roll out.

Don’t get me wrong, I have a lot to be thankful for. I am blessed by so many of my social media connections that have truly become very near and dear to my heart. I don’t want to diminish that fact in this post. Nor do I want to sound arrogant by not listing a ton of things I am so grateful for. But with this post, I thought it should be even more!

You see, in pondering Thanksgiving and social media, it came to me that there is a parallel, something even Biblical if you can believe it. Regardless of our beliefs, many of us have heard “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you”, which is found in Luke 6:31. Oddly enough, this encapsulates social media marketing, a true spirit of Thanksgiving and what I wanted to get across to my readers today.

Social media marketing is selfless. It is about helping others and giving of one’s self in ways business has never really appreciated before now. The most amazing thing about this fact is that as you continue to do so within the social graph, the blessing that returns to you is immeasurable!

So I will leave you with this… If you really want to be effective with your social media marketing program this coming year, make Thanksgiving the center of that effort today. Display a grateful heart to your fans and followers, truly treating them the way you want to be treated and realize abundance beyond what you thought this medium could be.

I truly do appreciate you and am thankful beyond measure for the relationships I have experienced, all while doing social media marketing for our company.  Happy Thanksgiving!


24 thoughts on “Social Media, God and Thanksgiving

  1. Robert – Very nice! I’m not a preacher, either, but definitely try to abide by the “Do unto others…” mantra. It’s hard to believe that a year ago I was barely active on Twitter and didn’t know most of my great connections, many of whom I now count as “real” friends. I have a long list in front of me of Twitter people I am especially thankful for and I plan to RT them all over the next few days. The list keeps growing (and, of course, you are on it!)

    Hope you have an enjoyable Thanksgiving!

    1. So many ways Daniel…

      RT’ing their posts.
      Shoutout just to checkin.
      Get to know them and what they like and share content with them.
      #FF mentions.

      Social media is a parallel universe. The kind things you do in the real world to show people you appreciate them, you do in social media!

  2. I’m glad you’re not afraid to discuss God. Thanksgiving time is a great time to remember some of the best gifts we’ve been given and where they come from.

    I also really like how you tie it in with Social Media. You’re pure genius when it comes to this kind of fusion.

    Have a great night!

  3. Spot on Robert,

    I appreciate your insights and you sharing solid principles. Taking it a step further, I’m sure God invented social media & is probably the best social media consultant there is, after all, he does run the biggest social network out there. :)

    All the best & then some,


    …and Happy Thanksgiving to you & your little ones. :)

  4. Right on, bro. This actually has the wheels spinning in my head. As you mentioned, it’s the spirit of Thanksgiving, God, etc. that is what social media should be about. It’s not about profits, but connecting with you audience and positively impacting lives.

    Hope your Thanksgiving was great !

  5. Agreed!
    Crazy how difficult this concept can be to communicate in professional settings. People either get it or they don’t. Very challenging to teach.

    1. I find it is very easy to teach. The problem arises mostly with Previous Advertising or Direct Marketing folks. They are the ones that have the hardest time making the shift to social media in my experience.

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