Social Media Content Types Explained [Infographic]

Content drives everything in social media. It’s where everything within the space starts, comes together and ends up. Seriously, think about it. If nobody was posting anything there would be no conversation or reason for being here.

Many times people misunderstand content and it’s various forms. We tend to think of content in terms of a blog post we share, some news article, a video or photo, but content goes much deeper than that. Social media content comes in numerous forms, from posting what you are eating, to conversation to a quote. It’s plain text, text that drives someone to click a link and/or everything in between.

As I was contemplating content and it’s front and center role within social media marketing, I began to envision a fun social graphic. I wanted to create something that helped people break out of the norms and look at content in different ways. I wanted it to be fun, engaging and thought provoking. Enter Anya Downing of Engage Marketing and Design, my branding and Infographic partner and the queen of branding and story telling.

During our strategy call about social media content, I expressed my ideas related to the project. We discussed the different content types I wanted to cover and the descriptions and details to be used. Passing off the details, Anya did her magic that incorporated something I am well known for… Coffee!

Here is what we created:

Yes, this Infographic is fun, but don’t stop there.

1) Think about these various content types and how you are or are not utilizing them within your social media marketing efforts.

2) Consider where you are missing on providing value and opportunities that can spark conversation and further relationships.

3) How can your social media content efforts be improved through utilizing more content types to connect with your audience?

4) Create a plan to execute these things into your program and closely monitor the results.

5) Use the results from your monitoring to make final changes to your efforts.

Finally, be sure your thinking around social media content and your marketing strategy is human. Be sure your audience can make a human connection and relate to you!



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21 responses to “Social Media Content Types Explained [Infographic]

  1. This is cute, coffee bean and all!

  2. Freaking genius…both of you!

    I’m so impressed, but not surprised. Thanks for sharing this. It makes for good content to share. :-)

  3. Awesome, it looks fantastic.

    And now my language perfectionist kicks in. There are a couple of grammatical errors in here (but they’re really picky) but this one is kind of obvious: it’s “replies to others’ posts” not “reply’s to others posts” ;)

    The meaning isn’t lost or confused, though — this is great work.

  4. Interesting classification of posts… all i used to do was *post*… from now i will fling a random, tweet and active, high five someone or think about my next billboard :)

  5. Gary Travis

    Well done Robert, and to echo @biebert sentiment, genius indeed! Love the coffee integration!

  6. So cute! Not sure if ‘cute’ is the right word but love the coffee beans! Great post, Robert.

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  12. The reason you need to consider this within your entire content strategy is because your content lives in various locations your website, social networks, press, email marketing campaigns, etc.

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  16. So cute! Feel bad for the black hole folks . …. We all start there.

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