The Social Media Fear Factor

Fear is not something I am friendly with. I take on anything that stands in the way of where I intend on going. Fear is something I do not let have any place in my life or business.

Having said that, I am not typical (in so many ways, but we will hold the laughter down for now, ok?). I realize that not everyone is as crazy as me, so thought it might make some sense to share some perspective as you are about to embark on your 2012 social media efforts.

It’s unfortunate that we live in a world where fear often plays a significant role. Wars, money, job the economy are just a few of the trigger points many are facing. Beyond that, many of us hang on to past experiences that grip us in a state of fear and prevent us from moving beyond or even through to what’s next. This is a crippling reality for many people today and something that needs to be put to rest in your social media at the very least.

There are two types of fear that can affect your social media marketing:

1) Your fear of the unknown.

Do not let your fear of what might happen get in between your social media marketing. If you are unsure of what to do, simply ask yourself what you would do in the real world. If it is something you would do at a networking event, then do it. If it isn’t don’t.

Are you fearful of Twitter or Linkedin because you don’t know how to use them effectively? Are you fearful of using the proper tools you need out of fear of learning or not understanding them?

Fear of the unknown will cripple you in social media. Don’t let it. Take control of your social media, strategy and activity plan and execute it methodically. This forces you to face your fear and overcome.

2) Your audiences fear.

Failure to recognize that your social community may have fears also, can effect your marketing efforts negatively. Whether they are suffering from their own fear of the unknown related to social media or numerous other fears, you must be aware of what they are and act accordingly.

For example: If your audience are single mom’s, there may be some fears or concerns with location-based information. Be sensitive to those fears in your marketing and content strategy to make them feel more comfortable.

Some in social media are fearful of certain types of links, specific kinds of DM’s or even someone trying to sell them something. You need to know your audience and what their fears are so you avoid triggering them as a part of your social media efforts.

As you look forward to next years plans related to social media for your business, be sure that you have considered the fear factor. Take the time to evaluate where you are related to both your fears and those of your fans and followers. Take ownership of them and then put into action the necessary steps to overcome them.

What are your fears with social media?

Robert M. Caruso
Founder/CEO – Bundle Post


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7 responses to “The Social Media Fear Factor

  1. My only fear concerning social media is knowing how often to utilize it. How many times should I post today? Is this overkill if someone is following me on my Facebook Page, Profile, and Twitter. Will this result in loosing followers?

  2. I have recently started my own business. I wanted to go in with a bang, so my first few blog posts are videos of myself. Once they were done and online I realized how scary it was to have myself so exposed out there for the world to see. I think many using social media feel the same way. The only way past it is to power through it! Know that if you are genuine and providing something useful, the rewards will come eventually.

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  4. Robert, nice write-up and good advice. I know I let fear hold me back. Even when I’m succeeding, I have moments of doubt/fear. Please keep reminding me not to fear. I just need fearless Robert leading the way.

    But a little fear is okay – it is an innate self-protection mechanism in humans (and animals).

    • yes, fear of jumping off cliffs without a rope or fear of holding knives from the wrong end is very healthy. Fear of success or doing the difficult or scary things in business or social media is not healthy and not effective. :-)

      #justsaying man

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