Important Elements Of An Agency Social Media Proposal – Part 2 of 5 – The Commitment

In the first post of this series about an Agency Social Media Proposal, we covered The Meeting. The in’s and out’s of the face-to-face or at least via phone conversation about the client, their social media marketing and detailed education around requirements, budgets and the like. Let’s move forward…

At this point, you have provided the prospective client with the reasons they should be using social media, what social media is and the bad position there are in at the moment by being so far behind the curve. You have also educated them on the complexity and massive human and knowledge requirements of conducting a social media marketing program effectively and positioned you and your company as the obvious solution. Finally, you have detailed the cost of your services and what you will be doing to make their brand effective within their market.

You have listened, answered any questions and further educated them as necessary about building a large, targeted community, etc. What you must do now is get the commitment to move forward with their program.  How do you that you ask?  Well… you ask!

Get The Commitment:

Very simply ask them when they would like to get started. Seriously, you need to get a commitment here. Often times the client will have a lot more questions at this point, so you will need to remain focused,  patient and provide deeper detail and answers. Then, ask them again.  “Does this all sound good?”

Typically you are going to end up in one of two situations at this point…

1) They agree to your program.

At this point you will want to quickly recap the terms of payment, pricing and what you will be doing next. What you will be doing next is getting them the proposal to sign. You see, the proposal is not a pitch document you send out to any and all, it is your closing document. More on that in Part 4 (The Template)

You will want the first months payment (highly suggest via credit card for ALL payments) at that point if you are smart. Let them know that the proposal “agreement” will be sent over detailing all of the things you discussed. They will need to sign and return it to you promptly with first payment if not received at the meeting.

Congrats on your new client!!!

2) They stall.

At this point some prospects will stall. They will use excuses, questions, and reasons as to why they can’t now, etc. Some of the comments you will receive are:

1) I need to talk to my partner

2) We need to wait until (month) to start this

3) We are too busy to get it going right now

Your job is to determine that REAL reason they are stalling. In many cases it will be the money. They either don’t really have it right now or are worried about spending it. In either case, start asking detailed questions about their existing marketing expenses. Find out what they are currently spending money on that is not effective and can be redirected to social media.

If there is some other logical reason they are stalling you will need to make a decision. Are they really interested? Are they too nice to tell me they are not going to do it? Are they not going to be in a position to afford what is required?

Anything other than a confident yes on number one, should get you politely moving out the door. Recapping our rule #1 from The Meeting states we are not going to waste our time generating a custom proposal for them. So we make sure they have our information and business card and we politely move to our next prospective client.

If we have convinced ourselves that they are indeed interested, we nail down a next appointment where we can get it started. When we arrive for the next appointment, we will have the proposal in hand and close them after a recap and Q & A.

The next post will discuss the key elements to include in the proposal/agreement itself.

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