Important Elements Of An Agency Social Media Proposal – Part 3 of 5 – What To Include

You have met with your prospective social media client and obtained a commitment based on your pricing and strategy you discussed with them. Now it is time to generate the proposal.

I want to reiterate that your social media “proposal” is not really a proposal at all. You have already proposed what you are going to be doing and outlined the costs associated. Your proposal is really an agreement. It’s your closing tool, not your pitch or sales tool. I say this based on experience and want to be sure your agency does not spend needless hour generating formal proposals for prospects that are not really prospects or more importantly are not really interested.

Here are the Important Elements your social media proposal / agreement should contain:

1) Personalized Header

Just like every social media strategy is different, so should each of your proposals be. Take the time to customize each proposal/agreement for your prospective client, starting with the Header of your document.

2) Introduction

Remember that your new client will often be oblivious about social media marketing, your processes or the over goals of the program. Always include an introduction that outlines these things as it relates to your client. Give them an overview of what the document is for and what the goals and intent of the program will be. We always tried to keep this to a single, concise paragraph.

3) Bullets Detailing What’s Covered

After your brief introduction, include the 3 to 5 bullet points that outline the various components of what you will be providing them. Make these section headings for the subsequent portions of the agreement that will contain all the detail. The idea here is to provide your prospective client with a quick snapshot of the components of their social media marketing program at a glance.

4) General Strategy and Social Marketing Integration Consulting

This section has two distinct purposes. 1) To outline the reasons for using social media marketing and it’s proper integration throughout the clients web and offline presence. and 2) To reiterate the holes in their current social media marketing and integrated marketing components.

You will want to be careful not to insult, but be detailed enough to ensure they clearly understand proper use and the issues they are facing with their marketing efforts currently.

5) Social Media Strategy and Execution

This represents the largest section of your social media proposal/agreement document. We are first going to bring more detail to the comments made in item number four above. This will be 2-3 paragraphs that more specifically list the missing components in their current efforts as well as the “opportunities” for making it more effective within social media. You will also want a leading paragraph about what your company will be doing to resolve these issues with your social media program.

The most important part of this section will be your numbered list. This list will clearly define any and all functions you will be doing for the client in the following areas:

A) Set up (account or customization of existing social accounts)

B) Strategy Development – Content strategy, Community development strategy and overall strategy

C) Consulting on social media integration across their entire marketing presence

D) Daily execution functions (how many times posting, to which platforms – i.e. Twitter, Fanpage, Linkedin, Personal Facebook, etc.) – Details about relationship building, engagement, etc.

Again, just like during your meeting with your prospect, you want to show the enormous amount of time, functions and efforts are going to be put into their program. You want it to remind them that they could never do it internally and need you. It will also serve as the contract details of their program and the minimum activity levels you are committing to.

6) Pricing & Terms

You will definitely want to include these as separate sections in your proposal agreement. They are extremely important for obvious reasons. Not so obvious are the details that we developed that made a huge difference in our business. We will be detailing those for you in Part 4 of 5.

7) Signatures

It’s an agreement. Make sure you get the client to sign and agree to all of the terms and pricing, etc. This will save you a lot of time down the road.

Remember, your agency’s social media proposal document needs to be detailed and cover specific things to protect you and also help to close your prospect. These points have been very helpful for us in our previous agency work and can benefit you as well.


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