My Biggest Social Media Mistake So Far

Me, a perfectionist? Ya pretty much. I am a full-on type A personality that is highly motivated to do everything I do with the best form, intent and results. I really strive to deliver on everything I teach, as it is not just words of a ghost writer, I actually write every post you read on our blog. I actually do the things I write about and show the results and effort real-time on a daily basis. I am very rigid about this. I will not bend. I refuse to cut corners.

We know, or at least we should know that social media is supposed to be social. I try to be patient about a lot of things within the social graph, understanding that everyone has different ideas, methods and approaches to their social media marketing tactics. However, one of the things that is just incredibly difficult for me to handle are the direct marketing pitches. Let me clarify…

You should be telling about your company, product and service in your streams. You should be getting into conversations about said with your fans and followers. You should be sharing interesting, relevant and valuable information about what you do in your streams. The end result is, that is why we are here. I am referring to the new follower, the new connection or the person that never engages with you at all. You know, posting on your wall. Inviting you to events. Mentioning you on Twitter with a pitch and a link.

This all too frequent fail in social media has caused me to be very sensitive to pitches in OUR social media strategy. Call me crazy, but the last thing I ever want is to be called out for doing something I write about and believe, then failing to act on what I say. I’d rather be shot! But the point is, I have swung way too far the other way.

An interesting recurring situation has happened to me over the last week and a half. In demo’s, telephone calls and face-to-face meetings, I received comments from folks I actually have built relationships with. People I know well, engage with frequently and have relationships with. The more than four comments were all something like this… “OMG, I had no idea this is what you do. This is amazing, I wish I would have known sooner. Where do I get it?”

I just have one word to say at this point. OUCH!

I have truly failed in our social media marketing strategy, tactics and methodology. I became so over sensitive on the media side of social media that I was failing to get our message across to even our most supportive audience. Even worse, those that know me well did not even know what we do as a company. Are you kidding?


  • Although you should never be over eager to pitch your product or service, you must ensure that your brand value proposition and message is getting across to your audience. If it isn’t, either your message or your method is off. Or worse, both!
  • For Pete sake, the people you have built relationships with should never be the LAST in your audience to understand what you do.
  • Build relationships, help other people, but ensure that the value of your brand, product and messaging cuts through.

I have spent the last two days pondering where our messaging and methods are off that got us to this point. We are implementing some changes to some things internally and personally with my content and conversations to rectify this. When people that you know and like don’t know what you do, you may need a little bit more media in your social media. I am embarrassed, yet motivated to ensure the enormous value our technology delivers to the marketplace gets heard.

What changes to your social media strategy and engagement needs a little bit of media adjustment? Do your relationships know what you do? Is your value proposition coming across with your current strategy?

Evaluate, Adjust, Execute!

P.S. At the risk of swinging back the other way too far, I am going to ensure that I give an opportunity for you to know exactly what my company does for social media.

Here’s what we do:

Bundle Post, Social Content Management System

  • social content aggregation
  • repository of your company social posts
  • merge content to schedules
  • auto-hashtagging
  • Follow Friday management
  • integrates with Hootsuite
  • 4 days of content in <20 minutes
  • twitter, facebook, linkedin, fanpage support
  • handle 80% more clients with ZERO additional resources
  • improve social program results
  • supports unlimited clients, content, posts


25 thoughts on “My Biggest Social Media Mistake So Far

  1. Great post – yeah there is definitely a fine line between being social on twitter, and engaging one another, and over-promoting yourself, or business. I sometimes feel like I’m too far one way or the other. It definitely takes balance, and is a constant balancing act. You want to represent your brand in both a friendly and professional way, without talking about yourself too much. People will see your website links, if they click on your profile – but how many actually do that? How many go as far as clicking on your website, and then figuring out what it is that you’re all about? Who knows… I’m guessing not as many as you might think. That’s why you definitely have to tweet once in a while about what you actually do, or maybe the latest project you’re working on… mixed in with the rest of the redonkulous banter.

    1. You’re right Arena. Here’s the thing though. We always do posts about what we are up to, stuff about the software, etc. I think the closer your relationships are, the less they actually look at that stuff. It really requires deeper communication and improved messaging with those relationships.

      As for opening Bio’s, reading and clicking. I do this all day long. It’s important in building relationships, creating conversations and driving effective social media.

      Thanx for jumping in!


  2. It’s definitely a balance, the reality is that the majority of people who are using social media for business have not caught on that its about engagement. When people forget to listen, they don’t hear what their audience is saying what they actually want to buy.

  3. I believe that you are unbalanced in a good way. When you build your relationships first it makes you easier to trust. Your social network is better engaged with you. We are reading your post and following what you do. That’s leadership.

  4. I know it’s possible to create and maintain a perfect balance – OK, I know this cognitively, anyway. Doing it is much harder. Like you, I tend to drift between engaging socially on one extreme and pushing my brand on the other, figuring – assuming – that, if they’re engaged with me, then they know what I’m about. After all, they can see the products and engage with me “doing business as” my brand. Over time, though, they forget they’re engaging with my brand because they’re engaging with ME as the CEO. I’m not sure this is altogether a bad thing, because it is through those interactions that they grow to trust me as a business owner, manufacturer and seller. While those of us who are curious and have the time might click links to Facebook and websites, I’m not sure how many hurried people would take that little bit of extra time.

  5. WOW I am one of those “I did not know” you did this? All this time I thought you were a music video star repping & rapping for your local coffee establishment! :D Look forward to our discussion/demo this Friday!

  6. Robert, if it’s any consolation, I did know what you’re up to and am also amazed.

    You’re a great one. Time to start telling more people what you do.

  7. I’m one of the guilty as charged! I had a vague notion, but until we spoke I had no idea exactly what Bundlepost was about. I am so excited by the potential your software holds for my business! I’m hoping to be up and running with it, Hootsuite and Tweetspinner by the weekend! You are an amazing gent, Robert! Now, if only you could find that shoe… ;-)

  8. The fine line of over selling and not proclaiming your goods or service is a tough line to draw. I did pay attention to your service and your humor. I think you do pretty, darn good.

  9. Great post! Well, I always use the analogy of social media being like a dinner party, and no one wants to be stuck near the guy who only talks about himself. Lol But I can see what you mean about how you’ve swung the other way. Honestly, though, I think it speaks to your nature that you are genuinely interested in others and do spend more time talking about others rather than yourself and coffee. ;) That being said, let’s amp up the self-promotion, my friend! And can we please schedule a webinar so I can learn to rock Bundlepost. :D Thanks, Robert! Always a pleasure.

  10. Stream not steam ( type A too) . But aside from pesky typos a great post and a weird diagramy thing that is ment to explain what you do.
    I always err on the side of value. If I believe my product is valuable and my social media content is valuable my viewer/reader wins . You most definitely have a valuable product, so a la Palin Sell baby Sell !

  11. The line between too much promotion and too little is extremely thin. I like to think that for every promotion I do 30% will buy, 30% will not see it, and 30% will be pissed. The other 10% are the swing vote.

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