Chicago, Coffee And Social Media – Example Of A Tripod Content Strategy

Chicago! I love Chicago. Being a full-blooded Italian, I have some very interesting “family” from the area, but don’t think that is appropriate for this post. :-) Coffee and Chicago, on the other hand is…

There are two things I love and look forward to everyday outside of my kids. Social media and coffee. I know this is probably a new revelation for my social media connections. Since I’m sure many of you didn’t know that, it is probably appropriate to include a graphic here from Klout. Topic = Coffee (show some +K love?)

I’m beginning to think that I may have a coffee problem. No, I take that back. The only problem with coffee I have is that sometimes I do not have enough of it around.

Let’s stop right here and answer the most frequent question I get every day within the social graph. “What is your favorite coffee?” My answer has always been the same… “Whatever happens to be in my cup at that particular moment.”

Coffee and social media people (the majority, but not all) are like peas in a pod, bread and butter or rain and the pacific northwest. They just seem to go together. It’s a well made partnership of fuel, community and relationship that join forces to create lightning speed engagement and effectiveness. Do you know what I mean?

Topic influence should be part of any social media strategy. If you know your target market extremely well, you know the topics of interest that your brand must influence. I know my target audience of social media agencies, strategists, internal brand departments and individual social media marketers well. We purposefully used my love of coffee, social media and family to establish a community we could provide value to, relate with and build effective relationships within. I call this the tripod of a social content strategy. It deeply understands the core target audience of a brand and focuses on the top three topics that drive it.

A tripod content strategy can achieve several extremely important things within a social media strategy:

1) Results in a large targeted audience

2) The audience is highly engaged

3) Make the person/brand very approachable

4) Result in a very loyal community

Here’s an example of how this strategy has recently impacted myself and our brand:

I was recently contacted by @CoffeeCon12 about the CoffeeCon 2012 event in Chicago. They invited me to come. Yes me! How cool is that? Now I get to learn a ton more about my favorite drink, meet a ton of cool people AND spend a few extra days meeting with Bundle Post clients and prospects. Effective? I think so! Where are my Chicago peeps?  Let’s get together at CoffeeCon12 when I am there.

How can your brand or social media agency deploy a tripod social media content strategy of improved community and results?

1) Know your target market. Determine the core content they are interested in and deliver that relevant content frequently.

2) Take it to the next level by understanding who your market is as people and an industry.

3) Identify the additional human aspects that drive your audience and include that content in the strategy.

4) Engage around these topics frequently.

So if you are in or around Chicago, let’s connect and get some coffee this month! If you can’t make it to the event, let’s connect anyway and get to know each other!
Saturday, February 25th, 2012
IBEW Local Union 701
28600 Bella Vista Parkway
Warrenville, IL 60555

Robert M. Caruso
Founder/CEO – Bundle Post


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11 responses to “Chicago, Coffee And Social Media – Example Of A Tripod Content Strategy

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  2. I love your example of a tripod content strategy. And really, that’s a great strategy. It seems like too many bloggers/content marketers like to stick to ONE subject and then beat it to death. People have multiple interests, so it just makes sense to engage more!

    P.S. How did I not know that there was a coffee convention in the Chicagoland area? I may have to stop by.

  3. Robert,

    My wife is the coffee lover in the house. She is getting back to me about going to the event. This looks really cool! By the way, this is not Chicago. It is a suburb. As a north sider I have to point this out.


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  5. Thanks for the great “shoutout” about CoffeeCon! I’m looking forward to all the fun! It’s in Warrenville, IL … nor far from Chicago! I’ll be there and look forward to some Social Media fun and COFFEE! ;) I’m also a Wine (-O) so … I’ll be on stage doing a Wine Vs. Coffee bit … hope for some wine support too! Cheers!

  6. Very well written article and i really like to read it. Its such a perfect timing that just i am having a coffee in front of me and come through this blog. Very well mixture of using thoughts and create the conception about coffee and social media. Impressive stuff!

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