The Second Content Revolution – How Social Media Is Changing Again

Social media has itself created a revolution worldwide, where brands and consumers can connect directly around content and conversation. This revolution has changed the way brands market, as well as how they deal with prospects and customers in many ways. The change has allowed consumers to take a much more active role in shaping everything about their favorite brands methods and tactics.

We have seen social media solidifying its place within larger brands and now small and medium businesses are also adopting it at a fast pace. We have also seen how content sharing has become the center point of social activity, sparking the conversations and leading to deeper relationships.  Social media has given content “the” platform that enables it to be seen by far more people, shared and consumed more effectively than previously imagined.

The second wave of the content revolution is content creation. Now of course we have had content creation even before social media became what it is today, however I believe social media is migrating again to raise the level and the requirement of content creation to new heights. The next coming requirement for all brands, marketers and individuals using social media for marketing will have to develop an effective strategy of consistent, relevant and engaging content.

As more and more consumers join both mainstream platforms like Facebook and Twitter, as well as more specialized networks like Linkedin and Pinterest, more and more content is being consumed. The growing demand by consumers for more fresh, interesting and relevant content is only going to continue to scale. The ever increasing noise as a result of this growing volume is going to put more and more pressure on brands and marketers of all sizes to consistently put out fresh, unique content. When I say all sizes, I mean the local mom and pop restaurant, all the way through International brands.

Some larger brands have a significant advantage in some aspects in this next phase of social media content. With substantial budgets, numerous ad campaigns already in place and larger resources, they are going to best execute to this growing need. Small/Local businesses and/or their social media agencies will have to become experts in content creation or at least allocate financial resources to the endeavor if they are going to compete and win

What should you take from this post? Start shifting your planning toward content creation. If you are a social media agency, start putting consulting and creation options in place that help your clients move in this direction now, so they are leading in the space. Develop solutions that enable your firm to capture more revenue, while covering this aspect for your clients.

Very soon it will not just be about having a presence in the social graph and sharing relevant content, but also about consistently developing your own fresh, unique content that your audience will value and share. A commitment to doing it and then executing it is not cheap, but it is a lot less expensive than being left in the dust by your competition!

Must have consistent content creation types for ALL businesses will be:

1) Blog – Yes many have them now, but being consistent with frequency and a strategy that caters to your audience and not just your company information is required. Focus on what it is your audience wants. Give it to them in creative ways that keep them coming back for more.

2) Video Content – Not just a YouTube Channel of your company product videos, but relevant, fresh content surrounding your audiences interests. Entertaining, humorous, relevant.

3) Photo’s – Look for unique ways to bring photo’s and images into your content stream. The birth of Pinterest has once again highlighted the need for content creation that delivers value to your audience. Again, you need to be creative with your photo’s to make them relevant and interesting. Tell stories, moments with customers, humanize your brand and entertain in order to capture your audiences attention. Create graphics from regular photo’s to extend the reach.

Again, content creation is going to be a requirement for all brands, large or small to compete. Start planning now and lead in this revolution.

26 thoughts on “The Second Content Revolution – How Social Media Is Changing Again

  1. Unfortunately, that also means more pressure and being ultra vigilant in hiring for content and social sharing.

    At Online courses on WizIQ, we go to extreme diligence, usually reserved for engineering and higher management roles. We try and see how quickly and how much can prospective candidates think, and we also do random speed interviews to see their likability quotient not just face-to-face but also in text format. Evidence of blog, Twitter accounts, Facebook page creation are a plus as is offline social cause involvement. We are by no means at a perfect stage but the fact that we recognize the importance is good. I think in future just like your engineering, direct marketing and sales teams, your content team will be an important part of your organization. Heck, they already are :)

  2. I think content creation has always been a key player, but as more and more social networks popped up and as certain platforms such as Facebook & Twitter became king pins, people forgot about content creation because they could just as easily share other people’s content or even create content (like a status message) right there in the platform.

    But while social media can be a vessel to help create content, it’s certainly not the best. Businesses need to create content outside of their social networks so that they can be found by a wider variety of people. Simply keeping all the content on social networks may prove to be detrimental.

    You’re very right, there is that shift happening in-where it’s not all about sharing content anymore. As you pointed out; creating videos, blogs & integrating pictures outside of the social platforms (and sharing them on the social platform) is extremely important.

    1. I think we mostly agree Morgan. The main point I am trying to get across here is that even the small locals will now have to become experts at not just social media to compete, but also content creation. THAT is a huge shift.

      Many will not be able to keep up or put the needed resources toward this changing requirement. It will be up to social media agencies and strategists to morph into that roll and sell the need and value.

      Thanx for the awesome comment!


      1. Oh I completely agree. I was right there with ya with your point, I just went on a bit of a tangent. :)

        I tell all my clients that it’s basically not even an option to just have a social platform; they must create original content through blogs, videos and even audio to position themselves as experts.

        It’s going to be real hard for businesses to ignore how effective original, valuable content creation will help their business grow. :)

  3. Small Locals without the time, or expertise, can and will depend more and more on SMM. That is where a firm like ourselves,, can better serve small business with a one stop shop approach to SMM and Content Creation. Small Biz can then focus on what they do best; sell their product or service. There are plenty of talented SMM Firms who can put together a Healthy SMM Campaign and maintain relevant content for Businesses.

  4. Thanks for your post Robert. I can really feel your passion regarding this topic when I read it, that’s good! Last time when we had that chat on Twitter we had some different opinions and viewpoints, but I like it. :) I’m looking forward to get to know you more this year.

    I think the important battle today is all about the social stream, this is the place people are turning their eyeballs to find interesting content to digest, discuss and share. If companies have an endeavor to win this battle they also need to focus on both content (blog, video, picture) and the context (showing up, caring, authenticity, commenting). In my world sharing others content is definitely a part of the context. My experience is that a platform like Google+ is changing how we need to think about it because the environment is much more sensitive there. A lot of people approaching Google+ and Twitter the same way.

    Your post started some new ideas here, thanks! :)

  5. I think content creation is simultaneously one of the greatest opportunities and the more intimidating initiatives all businesses face – especially the smaller ones. If small business tries to do too much, they’re more likely to be discouraged. I like your list because if focuses on the “prime movers” of content engagement. Focus and realistic expectations from all content efforts are critical to long term success.

  6. Content creation does not have to be a difficult process. I believe it is much more important for the content to be appropriate for their business than to be large in volume. The local sports pub is better served posting their 10 cent wing special on Facebook than to try to deconstruct the failures of the Patriot’s Superbowl offense in a long blog post.

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