Social Media RSS feeds for Dummies AND Pro’s

To start with let’s define RSS – Really Simple Syndication. Well, that was clear as mud when I first read it a couple of years ago. I can’t even begin to tell you how many hours I spent reading everything I could to get a clear understanding as to what in the world a RSS feed is and why in the world should I care.
Some more experienced readers might be rolling their eyes now in boredom, but stick with me here because I am going to share some valuable information to even the best of Bloggers.
A simple way of describing a RSS is having your favorite blog or information sent to you whenever something new is added. You subscribe to receive it, either via email or sent to an RSS reader like Google Reader. Whenever the site or blog author writes something new, it automatically updates your reader with the new content so you can see it.
Here is where it gets interesting and how I learned the hard way how dangerous RSS feeds can be. I found a system that allowed me to input RSS feeds that could be sent to my Twitter audience automatically. How clever was that? Right? Set the Twitter account on autopilot and not worry. Oh boy….not very clever when you are in the middle of a Presidential campaign and the authors of what I was subscribed to started writing about their political opinions which happened to be opposite of mine. I could not unsubscribe fast enough.
By the way, I have also learned that there is nothing in social media marketing that is on autopilot and also effective. Social media is about conversation around content with people, not mindless cruise control. Not only that, but to many autopilot type technology is highly frowned upon in the social graph.

Previously in the Real Estate industry for 13 years, I looked for more home related content and blogs that would be solid content for my audience. I could control how often they posted on my twitter account but I had no control as to what or when they would post. Disappointed, I pulled the plug on a majority of what was being fed through. I finally decided to hand pick things from my Google Reader, Google Alerts and other sites I visited and manually scheduled them out using Hootsuite. This was an exhausting and totally time sucking activity, however it always resulted in better content and conversations.

Why are RSS feeds important? Because they are an incredible way to receive relevant content that you can share with your audience.

Why should a business care about RSS feeds? Because they save a tremendous amount of time.

Are you totally confused yet? I told you the pitfalls of them…which boils down to this….YOU ARE AT THE MERCY OF THE AUTHOR.

So, what if there was a way to input RSS feeds into a system that databased everything for you, prepared already as a social media post for any social platform? What if it allowed YOU to pick and choose which articles or blog posting you wanted to share and more importantly allowed YOU to schedule when you could post to your audience? No longer updating your Twitter account at 3am while you and your audience are asleep… No longer posting to Linkedin something not relevant. No longer posting 4 things to your fanpage at the same time. But something that YOU controlled posting times, content posts and topics exactly when you know your audience would actually see your posts. is a system that allows you to do this. I would think from a author’s perspective they would want their content shared with their reader’s audience. The peek time for my audience is sometimes not the same as the authors peek time for their audience. Which makes Bundle Post a total win win solution for both subscriber and author.

I want the biggest bang for my buck when sharing content. I no longer wish to randomly post, just to be posting. Having complete control over RSS and Google Alert content has proven to be a complete time saver, but more importantly has resulted in huge improvements in all metrics we track on my account.

I asked our CEO, if I could write this blog post because I feel this is a very powerful feature of our technology that many are not quite understanding. I hope it helped you.

8 thoughts on “Social Media RSS feeds for Dummies AND Pro’s

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