TV Show GLEE Raises Fanpage Marketing Bar With New Page App For Fans

Every once in a while a brand does something really unique in social media that ups the bar by a huge level. Even more rare is a social media marketing technology that does that very thing also. This week, Fox Broadcasting‘s hit show Glee did both in partnership with the unique custom fanpage app created by Social Stage (read the announcement).

The campaign allows fans of the show to create their own personal Glee fanpage.  Fans are able to select their favorite characters and build their own customized Social Stage micro site complete with images, video and more right within their own created fanpage on Facebook.

The shows popularity is not only clear by viewership, but also within social media. Fox’s Glee fanpage has over 18 million fans. No doubt that number will climb dramatically with the technology and marketing scheme they have deployed with this campaign!

Clearly the strategy of the campaign is to further engage with their target audience in new and unique ways. Giving their fans the ability to have their own custom fanpage using the Social Stage application will extend their reach by leaps and bounds. Furthermore, adding buzz, a flood of new content and conversation about the show will certainly not remove it from the top social and viewer rankings.

What I find very interesting about the campaign and truly unique is how the fan is empowered by the TV brand. They get to build their page and customize it the way they want it to look. The fan is involved in the process, yet has empowerment to make it what they want.

Added to the application on the main Glee page is a leader board, which tracks the various extension fanpages built by users and ranks them to show which fanpages are leading with likes, etc.  No doubt this functionality will go over big with the intended fan base, furthering the overall reach, adoption rate and engagement overall.

I asked Social Stage for some initial numbers on adoption rate and new pages created as well as some traffic numbers, but probably wisely, they declined to deliver that. Not sure I would either if my client was Fox Broadcasting. However, they did say that the customized application running the Glee site is a custom installation of their already available app suite. Their suite of micro website fanpage apps are easily modified to make single tabbed, multi-page landing pages that do not require programmers or designers to implement.

In my opinion, this campaign is an incredibly unique and effective way to take the social media brand/fan relationship to new levels. Anything a company can do that deepens the connection with their audience and empowers them to be “a part” of the brand itself, is a win-win endeavor!

How could your brand use this unique technology to get your fans involved?


2 thoughts on “TV Show GLEE Raises Fanpage Marketing Bar With New Page App For Fans

  1. Definitely a unique approach. I used to recommend Social Stage for Real Estate Agents to use for their listings. I never considered Social Stage to be a big player compared to North Social, and even Lujure, but this is a very strategic move, one that I look forward to seeing the outcome.

    Also, it’s very cool to see Glee leverage and empower their fans.

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