3 Keys To Having The RIGHT Social Media Conversations

We know that conversation leads to relationships both inside the social graph and out. This behavior is at the core of social media marketing and we often refer to it as engagement or the act of engaging with others.

In this post I want to help you get some focus on those conversations in order to be effective with your social media marketing. Conversations with your target market can be very powerful. Conversations for the sake of engagement can be a considerable waste of time. You need to make sure you are having the right conversations…

Lets put some clarification here before a few of you decide to go off in the comment section. I am in no way suggesting that you ignore anyone in your feeds. I am not suggesting that you randomly unfollow or unfriend non prospects. What I am suggesting is that you focus the majority of your time and conversations that build relationships with your target audience and influencers thereof.

Three keys to having the right social media conversations are:

1) Spend your time building relationships and having the majority of your conversations with your target market most likely to do business with you.

2) Don’t always make the conversations about what you do. Get to know your prospects on a human level. The business conversations will come naturally.

3) Don’t miss opportunities to get into conversations about what you do. If you are doing number one and two correctly, you will easily be able to find situations where your fans/followers are expressing a need, frustration or problem that you solve. Don’t over look those opportunities to engage about what you do.

A big mistake I see many social media agencies, consultants or virtual assistants making within social media is in this area. They spend the majority of their time engaging with their peers and competitors rather than effectively finding and building relationships with their target audience. I am not saying they shouldn’t with their peers, but I am saying it should be minimal and not where the majority of their time is spent.

If you are using social media for marketing, you need to have a strategy that covers all levels of the experience. From growing your target audience, content strategy as well as engagement. You need to ensure that the efforts you are making get results. Having the right social media conversations is imperative to achieving that goal.


9 thoughts on “3 Keys To Having The RIGHT Social Media Conversations

  1. It seems like common sense, but social media marketing and networking was built on the same principals as more traditional networking and marketing. Getting the message out to the correct interested party is key.

  2. It would seem obvious that social network sites should be about building relationships with people. All too often, though, business people go onto these sites just to market their products or services. Users of social media have become adept at spotting this new kind of spam. They will either ignore it or unfriend the spammer, defeating the purpose of using the site for marketing in the first place. Intelligent users of social networks will benefit the most from marketing on them.

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