Hootsuite’s No Cost Hootlet App – Share Content In Seconds

As a social media software company ourselves, we continually look for applications that improve efficiency and effectiveness. We are also avid users of Hootsuite, given our technology integrates with their platform. I was going through Hootsuite the other day and came across the link to the Hootlet app.

The Hootlet browser plugin app, let’s you easily schedule and share content and pages you come across all day while on the web and social media sites. Added as a bookmark to your browser, you simply click when you are on a page you want to share and the app automatically opens an interface similar to the Hootsuite app with all of your social accounts. You can share to Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Foursquare and any other social network you have setup in Hootsuite directly from any page. The post is ready to send now, or easily scheduled. The best part is that it is free!

Now, I am not a big user of browser plugins or apps and our Bundle Post software manages all of our regular daily social media content sharing across the day, but the Hootlet app makes sharing additional stories or articles extremely fast and easy!

Here’s a quick video by Hootsuite to show setup and how it works.

Since we are heavy Pro users of Hootsuite and utilize the integrated Bundle Post technology for content management, aggregation, hashtagging and scheduling based on our content strategy, we have found the Hootlet to be an exceptional Free addition to our daily content sharing and scheduling and think you will to. It is worth the look for additional ease of use and punch to your social media content strategy!

Here are additional details on installing it in your browser.


15 thoughts on “Hootsuite’s No Cost Hootlet App – Share Content In Seconds

  1. I’ve been using the hootlet since I joined HootSuite a few months ago – I love how I can use it & schedule tweets to go out in-between what’s already scheduled in Buffer… Thanks to you & others who’re teaching me how to do this better

    1. I have been too. Only I don’t use Buffer, because it still requires that I find the content. Bundle Post does that for me. I spend only 20 minutes every 4 days scheduling my content with it, then just use the Hootlet a few times a day as I come across additional content to share.

  2. Great tip! The HootLet is our “secret weapon” and makes sharing content on the fly so quick and easy.

    Keep in mind, HootSuite also offers Batch Scheduling and a full Publishing calendar to help plan your content release strategy.

    Enjoy Hooting!

  3. With the explosion in the numbers of social media sites and statistics that show many businesses spending a significant amount of time marketing on them, software like Hootlet is becoming a vital tool for online marketing now. Even so, the advantage in time saved can often be offset by the lack of personal touch in the posts that are made automatically. Posts like this have been shown to attract less attention than manual posts do. Using these tools effectively will be a balancing act between spending the time to make a connection and using the app to broadcast as widely as possible.

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