3 Tips – Double Posting On Social Networks Is Missing Opportunity

With almost 37,000 followers on Twitter and more than a few friends on Facebook, I see a lot of different posting strategies and/or lack thereof updates. It is painfully obvious that a lot of folks don’t take the time to be conscious with intent related to their content sharing. It is my belief that strategy surrounding content, posting and scheduling of said content is a requirement. Haphazardly posting to and for multiple accounts you manage is like driving without knowing where you are trying to go.

*Disclaimer – As I have stated in my articles many times, there is only ONE rule of social media. Don’t spam. All else is preference and your decision. My intent here is not to bash, but to simply share my views and perspectives on posting from multiple social media accounts to the same social network.

Posting from multiple accounts at the same time to Facebook, Twitter or other networks using different accounts is missing opportunity! What do I mean? So let’s say you have a personal Twitter account, a business account and maybe even a secondary business account. In an effort to be efficient, you post to all three accounts the same content, at the same time, all on Twitter. This goes for RT’s as well…

In another scenario, let’s say you have a personal Facebook profile and a business fanpage. Again, you post to both at the same time, the very same update.

My suggestion to you is that you may need to examine whether you are being lazy and/or lacking a conscious strategy. More importantly, ask yourself if you are missing opportunities. Double, or triple posting the same content at the same time to the exact same social platform is not recommended.

Here are a few things to consider:

1) Diminishing Reach – When you post from more than a single account at the same time, you get one shot at who happens to be standing at the side of the freeway when your car flies by. Or in this case both of your cars fly by. Instead, consider posting the content to each account at different times, thereby expanding the reach of the content to a larger audience across the day.

2) Increased Ignore Factor – I have a few followers on Twitter, as well as a few friends on Facebook that often RT or post content this way. What seems to happen is that I tend to ignore their posts due to the duplication. I mean, since I am following their multiple Twitter accounts, I see 2-3+ posts at the exact same time that are identical and being human this does something to me. I find myself ignoring those posts and just moving to the next one. Don’t shoot yourself in the foot this way.

Additionally, since it is clear that the same person posted the content or Retweeted mine at the very same time, who am I supposed to engage with? Which account is THE account to respond to? All of them? I think not. It’s easier to just move on and ignore it altogether, or simply thank ONE of them for the RT.

3) The Dreaded Novice/Beginner Tag – The average social network user now days is pretty savvy. They have become pretty good at sniffing out beginners. Being tagged as such in your social media marketing presence is NOT a good thing.

If you are having trouble getting results or doing some of these things, I suggest hiring a social media consultant, strategist or better yet a professional social media agency to handle it for you. Again, I want to stress that the above is one man’s set of suggestions and not a stead fast rule, but designed to put a little more conscious effectiveness in your program.

28 thoughts on “3 Tips – Double Posting On Social Networks Is Missing Opportunity

  1. Hi Robert,

    Great post! Your conclusion that hiring someone internally or an agency is a really good advice to anyone who wants to start using SM today. But somehow a large percentage of companies actually hire interns to manage their social media presence. I find it a bit risky, since you are hiring someone to do something you do not understand how it’s done yourself. You then expect that just because of the interns age, he / she will be good at it.

    Hiring a professional will get more mileage than hiring an intern to manage your marketing.

    1. There is no doubt about that Ivan. Hiring an intern shows lack of commitment and understanding of the space and the impact good/bad it can have on a company.

  2. Great advice….I’m trying to be better on my end. I only use my @conversationhub to push out the RSS feed for my podcast and blog post. I do most of my stuff now at @bassclefmusic. Still learning and still figuring out … but that the fun part, right?!? Be well my friend!

  3. Robert I totally agree when double posting on the same network (i.e. Twitter or Facebook). If I’m posting the same story on Twitter on two accounts, I’ll stagger them. What I like to do is Tweet on my main account, and the stories that get Retweeted and drive interest, I’ll later schedule for my secondary account.
    So for your post I just tweeted (main account), posted on FB, SU’ed, Dugg, and posted on G+. My thinking is each network has a different audience. I also think people are more apt to visit somebody’s FB wall or G+ profile. They seem to be less “stream” dominate than Twitter. Digg and SU are a roll of dice.

    Have a great one Robert…

  4. It annoys me to see the same post on every network simultaneously. It usually makes me stop following someone on one or more network.

    I use BufferApp to plan my posts ahead of time so I make sure different audiences get my posts at different times. More importantly, I try to break up my shared content so that followers have a reason to keep following me at both places: They get different and new content!

    1. Use BundlePost for that and you will save 80% more time and be way more effective. But you definitely got the right idea Kimi! Thanx for jumping in on this!


  5. Yikes I am all of those statements. The new person, the multiple poster at the same time. Guess what? Getting better at it. Why? Bundlepost software, posts like this, and Starbucks w/coaching from the Bundlepost dude. Coffee never tasted so good.

  6. Very interesting , especially as FB posts can be twittered at same time. I guess it’s akin to bashing someone repeatedly over the head with the same message in quick succession ! Must be more cognisant of it myself !

    1. Posting at the same time to DIFFERENT platforms with the same content is less of an issue, although you need to watch that. Posting the same content to the same network on two different accounts is missing opportunities in a big way! And yes can be annoying to others that are connected with you on both accounts.

  7. Therein lies the beauty of Buffer. All of my accounts have differing schedules, so I can Buffer a post and know it will be staggered. For the most part, I try to keep as little overlap in my Twitter accounts as possible. That way, if the same post goes out at the same time, it is still being seen by a different audience. The strategy must be working because I rarely have the same people engaging with me on my different Twitter accounts. Good post!

    1. And therin lies the beauty of OUR product Bundle Post in that your content comes to you instead of hunting down content and still schedule across all platforms, automatically hashtagged, etc.

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