Manipulating The Facebook Newsfeed With Content

As many of you know, Bundle Post also launched a funny social pic blog called social graphics. We produce a ton of images for it and it has received incredible response and results in short order. You should check it out too.

Part of the strategy for the blog was not just creating and posting the images, but also being able to share links to the pics and uploads of them to various social networks. Since we knew funny, social media related images are like candy to babies with our target audience, sharing them on Facebook was an focused part of the strategy. The response, sharing and engagement has been incredible, directly attributed to multiple new users of our software due to the conversations and relationships that have resulted.

Over time, I noticed something I did not expect. As I uploaded the pics to Facebook, I started to watch the relationship between when they were posted, the activity around it, shares, likes and comments. I also paid attention to what happened when activity all but ceased and how it was connected with the Newsfeed algorithm.

What I discovered was that you could manipulate getting your images and posts back into the Newsfeed on Facebook without reposting it. Simply liking it, or commenting on it hours after the last engagement on the image would release it again into the Newsfeed to some or all of your friends. This would inevitably start another round of activity, likes and conversations, resulting in a longer life for your content.

This experiement was only conducted on my personal Facebook profile and not our Bundle Post fanpage. However, since we use my personal profile and business page for building relationships with our community and most of our engagement is driving from my personal accounts, it clearly worked effectively.

Give it a try and let me know what results you get with your content marketing on Facebook.


11 thoughts on “Manipulating The Facebook Newsfeed With Content

  1. WOW THIS IS SO TRUE!! I never thought about it like that. Love it!! (kinda went picture crazy last night on my own page and exactly what you said happened today, when I made comments on the pictures!)

  2. Very interesting, Robert.
    I noticed this same phenomenon on Google+ but hadn’t on Facebook.
    Now I have to go check this out. A great idea for breathing some more life into those posts that flow by so fast on news streams.

  3. I came across this a little while back! While my instinct is normally to respond as it comes in, sometimes I hold off for an hour or two just to “bump” things back up. It’s worked well on business pages, and the post where I announced my kids got into a charter school got activity for about 3 days because of this.

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