The Social Media Referral – 4 Selfless Suggestions

Relationships are the cornerstone to successful social media marketing. Yes, you actually have to respond, have conversations and build relationships. Shocking, I know… The second you realize that helping other people in your social media marketing program benefits you, you will start to see a dramatic change in it’s effectiveness.

One of the most effective engagement strategies is that of referrals. Referring one person to another. Introducing one brand to another individual, etc. This function within social media is often overlooked and if you’re not doing it, you are missing out.

Much of my day is spent engaging in the social graph. I meet a ton of people on a daily basis, let alone the conversations I get into with existing relationships. I spend time asking questions about people and and what they do. This is crucial for establishing and deepening relationships.

Through asking questions, reviewing bio’s and visiting people’s websites, I learn more about them. I use this information to help them connect with others that may be a good connection for them, or even need what they do. How much better can engagement be when you are helping others. This is at the core of being selfless and helpful for others.

Just this week alone, I have referred about 5 different people to other contacts or brands. They were anything from retailers that have something someone was looking for, to a startup introduction to a bay area incubator. I even had someone ask for introductions to other social media people, which I happen to know a few and was glad to rattle off a short list.

Here are four ways to be selfless and assist others:

1) Ask questions – get to know them, what they are interested in, what their needs are and what they do.

2) Review Bio’s – take the time to review what people say about themselves.

3) Visit Websites – check out their site to see what they do and therefore know who might be interested and worth and intro.

4) Converse – have conversations that build relationships. You must get to know the social connections in your community if you ever hope to help them or do business with them.

Taking the time to get to knows others and what they do, the easier relationships result. Furthering those relationships by referring your connections to others benefits you, the person you are referring and the one you are introducing.

Be selfless…

Robert M. Caruso
Founder/CEO – Bundle Post


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12 responses to “The Social Media Referral – 4 Selfless Suggestions

  1. If only there were more selfless people like you around, Robert! Those four points you listed should be the blueprint for getting to know your new connections. Unfortunately I don’t think many people take the time to do this, but the ones who do definitely make a lasting impression.

  2. Great post Robert! We (at Ambassador) whole-heartedly agree that referrals are underutilized in today’s social landscape. It’s never been easier or more efficient to get referrals and recommendations for products & services in real-time.

    Our software enables any company to track & manage these referrals.

  3. Online marketing using social media is all about developing two way relationships. People don’t understand how important this is. At Innovative Ad Solutions LLC we stress the importance of engaging your audience. That is why online marketing is so much better than traditional marketing because it gives you the opportunity to develop relationships.

    • other marketing can achieve that as well, but social media enables you to build relationships 1000 x’s faster and with 1000 x’s more people. THAT is where the power is…

      Great input thanx

  4. Especially liked and identified with your 3rd point: Visit websites. With social media, and especially with Twitter, visting the website is a critical piece of my decision making about whether or not I am going to follow someone. And, be sure, I certainly wouldn’t refer someone who I wouldn’t even follow in the first place. Lesson: our websites had better be a good, professional back-ups of our social media efforts if we are to earn referrals.

  5. Great post on a topic that is often overlooked. As a connector myself, I definitely appreciate your thoughts on this, Robert. Let me know how I can help w/ any of your endeavors!

  6. Reblogged this on The Gallery Goddess and commented:
    Great points made by Robert Caruso. Although connected by digital impulses of electricity, we are human beings. Social Media is ALL about the relationships!

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