When Your Social Media Marketing Is For The Dogs – Literally

A rough week for some major brands in social media. Namely @VerizonWireless and the spotlight that shined on their ignoring of their followers and fans across the social graph. It amazes me the sheer lack of understanding most brands have of social media, how to use it properly, basic requirements to make it effective and/or simply avoid PR nightmares. When big brands are hiring the authors and speakers we all know to consult them and those people don’t do what they suggest we should either, it really isn’t a surprise.

Sometimes however, a major brand does it really well. When I hear or see this happening I try to highlight it and outline the details and show how the average brand or social media marketer can replicate these successes. Of course this is not too often, but I am pleased to say that I have recently come across one that is for the dogs. Literally…

A long-time good friend of mine, @Tiffanysechler posted a pic on Facebook a week ago showing a conversation with the pet treat brand @Pup-Peroni (Facebook Twitter). I asked her about the situation and we began emailing about what happened. Below is an outline of what transpired:

1) The conversation “started” by them finding me on Twitter via Instagram because I hash tagged the word #Pupperonis in one of the recent pictures i had posted of my Pug Polly…….I always link my IG posts to my Twitter.

2) I got a tweet from the company later that day ….. Asking her fav flavor,etc :) I sent back a picture saying she loves all of them— showing her jumping while I am holding up the bag bc of course she knows what the bag looks like and what’s inside! (The word “Pupperoni” is even better than the word “Treat” to her….;)

3) They asked what else makes her happy- I tweeted “her mom & dad… Laying out in the sun … And more treats!”

4) They responded  ” tell her hello from us”

5) I thought it was hilarious and actually kinda cute they tweeted. Never even knew they had a Twitter account! I would buy their products no matter if they tweeted or not…. They are both my pugs fav treats— I usually buy 3 packs at a time/per week (they run a little under 3 dollars a pack @Target)

Do you think they created a loyal customer? Beyond loyal…  So what should YOU take from this example?

1) Yes they are a known brand, but notice their social presence is new and VERY small. They have very little advantage over you, just simply a commitment and strategy to do it right.

2) They are paying attention, monitoring, engaging and showing interest in their audience!

3) They are using conversation extremely effectively.

So major brands can actually do this properly and clearly so can you. Take this example and make the changes necessary in your social media marketing strategy to start being effective. It really isn’t hard when you understand the elements you need to focus on.

Content leads to conversation. Conversations build relationships. Relationships result in ROI and Revenue!

Go do this!

Robert M. Caruso
Founder/CEO – Bundle Post 


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7 responses to “When Your Social Media Marketing Is For The Dogs – Literally

  1. Great article. A lot of the old school marketing methods like conversation and relationships also work online!

  2. Isn’t it really awesome and, perhaps, even somewhat vindicating to see it done right. Great job. Way to share the successes, not just the epic failures!

  3. What a terrific post. You can bet that Eddy will be getting some dog treats from this company. ( Eddy is the dog). Working on this process daily.

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