The Importance Of Posting Content Over Just RT’ing Content

Content is the starting point of everything within the social graph. Your social media marketing program should be centered around a strategy of content posting, sharing and creation as an integral component. As I have stated previously, “content leads to conversations”. Social media content is the match that lights the conversations that help you become effective, but just any content doesn’t work. In fact you must understand the different types and be effective with them all.

There are three basic types of posts within social media:

1) Your Content – Something you/your company wrote or created

2) Posted Content – Something you found online and post to your feeds

3) Shared Content – Retweeting and/or Sharing other people’s posts

Too often I find smaller brands and individual social media marketers that are incredible at sharing Facebook content posts or Retweeting on Twitter, but what they share is often targeted to their peers, or isn’t relevant and interesting to their intended audience. What’s worse is that upon reviewing their streams, it is difficult to find something they have posted and not just shared from someone else. This is less than effective for a few reasons:

1) What are you known for?

2) What are you doing to provide value?

We have found that having a consistent daily flow of relevant, valuable content for your intended audience is the single best thing you can do to get conversations started. Doing this on a consistent basis helps you be known for something or better yet, a few things. Your audience will get accustomed to the relevant content they can find in your streams at any given time and will not just see it when it passes through their stream, but will actually seek you out to get it.

Like any relationship, on or offline, value must be at the core. Simply sharing or retweeting content to your community is lazy and ineffective. A strategy, proper resources and time must be put into sourcing relevant content for your audience, as well as creating content they will find valuable.

Before anyone thinks I am proposing to not share or retweet, think again. That too is important, but needs to be at measured levels that allow YOUR content posting and creation strategy to have its own voice.

Here are some tips for being effective with your posts:

1) Know your audience – What are they interested in?

2) Consistency is key – Everyday, all day, have relevant content in your feeds.

3) Be known for something – When your community thinks of you, your posts should have created a description of you or your brand in their mind.

Go forth and post relevant, valuable content!


17 thoughts on “The Importance Of Posting Content Over Just RT’ing Content

  1. Couldn’t agree more, Robert. Even if your following is still growing, being known for “something” is much desired. Making our own little niche in this big, busy, every changing business is difficult enough. If we don’t find our own way to shine we may find ourselves effectively silenced.

  2. Absolutely Robert. Having an appropriate balance between, sharing, posting, and your own content is extremely important. You need to give your brand an identity. If your only source of content is shared content from someone else then that will be how your brand is defined.

  3. I agree Robert especially in the “early stages” of building your brand via Twitter. Too much over-tweeting of OPP (other people’s posts) your own voice gets lost in the shuffle. Taking the time to establish one’s brand on their own site and sharing that content will payoff in the long term as the audience/relationships you’ve developed can connect with the value that you share on-site and via retweet. :)

  4. Hey Robert, I come by to read your thoughts from time to time. I especially like the message here. I, as an independent, do not post on my blog each day, but I am present on Twitter just about each day.

    I see your point in being memorable. I’ve lately been using Google+ as a mini-blog platform, as a means to, as you suggest here, make more of an impact on my followers, contributing more to them, being more valuable than tweeting references..

    AJ Kohn recently wrote a post on making content memorable. It may be the best post I read all year.

  5. It’s amazing how people, regardless of industry, end up talking to peers rather than their audience. The three post types you’ve identified provide an opportunity to be insightful in finding balance connecting with [potential] customers, peers, and personal interests.

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