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2013 Is About Wearing Social Media Shoes

It is fair to say that we have passed social media market penetration and most user segments are now engaged in at least one social network on a regular basis. Many marketers and businesses have learned to post, schedule and engage with an audience, ensuring that they have some level of presence within the social graph. All of which are extremely important. But what now?

walk a mile SocialMediaI see 2013 marking a shift of focus and one that is long overdue. As social media marketing continues to mature, what consumers expect is also maturing. Major brands and social media agencies are going to have to shift from a brand centric focus to a consumer interest focus. Small and medium brands and marketers will have to make this shift as well.

When I say “Wearing Social Media Shoes”, I am referring to the phrase and idea of walking in your customers shoes. In other words, putting yourself in their shoes and truly understanding your audience, who they are, what they are into, in order to better understand them and be able to focus your content and message in new and effective ways. Brands need to do a much better job at knowing their audiences likes and interests, thereby delivering content that fills those interests.  More importantly, using this information to provide a better experience for fans and followers by removing “over self-promotion”.

Social network users are catching up. They are becoming more savvy about social media and will more frequently to tune out a lot of the promotional posts that are becoming common. Social media agencies and marketers need to shift their content aggregation, posting and creation tactics to better focus on the prospect and their interests. Not doing so will cause disconnects physically and emotionally with ones community.

The great thing about the shift I see coming is that it mirrors human nature offline. Meaning that most people become much more engaged with others that discuss topics THEY are interested in. Since I view social media as a parallel universe to the real world, doing what you would do to build a relationship and a connection with people in the real world, works as well and faster in social media.

Here are SOME key things to consider when evaluating your audience and developing a social media content strategy:

1) Age/Gender

2) Geographical considerations

3) What are they searching for online?

4) Who else do they follow/like in social media?

Major brands will continue to be slow to adopt this change. They are some of the worst at proper social media marketing management. They are so used to everything being about them in direct marketing and advertising, don’t expect them to hurry to start posting more content that isn’t about them. Although, they will HAVE to…

The above four considerations will often guide you to the 3-5 max key topics that drive your audiences interests when they take part in social media. The better you do at determining who your audience is and what topics they are into, the more effectively your content strategy will be at creating conversation and building relationships.



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How To Make Your Social Media Sticky

The art of getting visitors to not only come to your blog or website, but stay on it for extended periods of time is often referred to as making it “sticky”. This is a common discussion heard about new social networks, apps and other websites. Companies like Amazon have spent millions on research and technology to keep your interest for extended periods of time. But beyond typical web properties, your social media should also have a sticky factor as well.

sticky social mediaIt is important to look at your social media marketing similar to how big brands have utilized major media to instill top of mind branding. Social media marketing should accomplish the same thing and more. In fact, I have often said, “the key to advertising is repetition” and explained this in great detail. With social media, the idea is to get and keep your audience engaged with your social accounts to build relationships and stay top of their mind.

Many times I hear social media people talking about how social media is all about engagement. I say engagement is a part of social media, but not what it’s all about. There are several components that work together, to make social media effective. When done properly, you become top of mind with your audience and they begin to subconsciously LOOK for your posts in their feeds.

This effect is accomplished by doing the following things:

1) Content – Be unique in what you content you post. Be sure to include all content types. Be sure the content you create and post is geared toward your audience, not YOU.

2) Consistency – This is where many fall short. Your content posting needs to be consistent. Your responding to comments and shares must be as well. Being consistent with your content and engagement will spark conversation and relationships.

3) Responding – You’re not all that, so don’t act like it. Always respond to your community when they comment, post and share your content. This more than anything will keep them coming back and coming back often. Hence “sticky”.

What are some of the ways you can improve your social media marketing to make it more sticky?


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Social Selling Gets A Boost From Nimble Integration Within Hootsuite

As I have written many times, the last thing we need are more social networks. What we need are improved ways to manage relationships over the long-term. For us, using the social customer relationship management, or CRM application Nimble is a requirement. Think Salesforce for social media marketing and you will have a good understanding of what Nimble is and what it does.

Nimble Hootsuite IntegrationNimble allows our entire team to have access to all of our social connections from Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin and Google Plus in one place. It tracks and manages conversations, activity and social conversations across the social graph, while enabling better tracking of customers, prospects and relationships.

Today Nimble and Hootsuite announced that the Nimble application for Hootsuite is now available FREE to Hootsuite and Nimble users.

We have been using Nimble for a while and have been eagerly awaiting integration between the two services. Since we use both Hootsuite and Nimble, an integration between the two was something we were really excited to hear about. When we were asked to be involved in the beta testing, I couldn’t say yes fast enough. Am I glad I did!

The Free integration app runs inside of your Hootsuite account and directly connects your feeds with your Nimble account, allowing you to easily add people into your Nimble contacts.

Jon Ferrara, CEO of Nimble refers to all this as “social selling”, and said “Our new app integration with HootSuite will help spread social media use beyond community managers and marketers to the rest of the company. It provides business professionals with social relationship management tools that create valuable and repeatable social selling opportunities.”

If you are using social media for sales and marketing, then you need to be able to manage your contacts, customers and prospect conversations in an effective way. I think you will find Nimble and the new Hootsuite integration a really efficient way to do that.


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