Social Selling Gets A Boost From Nimble Integration Within Hootsuite

As I have written many times, the last thing we need are more social networks. What we need are improved ways to manage relationships over the long-term. For us, using the social customer relationship management, or CRM application Nimble is a requirement. Think Salesforce for social media marketing and you will have a good understanding of what Nimble is and what it does.

Nimble Hootsuite IntegrationNimble allows our entire team to have access to all of our social connections from Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin and Google Plus in one place. It tracks and manages conversations, activity and social conversations across the social graph, while enabling better tracking of customers, prospects and relationships.

Today Nimble and Hootsuite announced that the Nimble application for Hootsuite is now available FREE to Hootsuite and Nimble users.

We have been using Nimble for a while and have been eagerly awaiting integration between the two services. Since we use both Hootsuite and Nimble, an integration between the two was something we were really excited to hear about. When we were asked to be involved in the beta testing, I couldn’t say yes fast enough. Am I glad I did!

The Free integration app runs inside of your Hootsuite account and directly connects your feeds with your Nimble account, allowing you to easily add people into your Nimble contacts.

Jon Ferrara, CEO of Nimble refers to all this as “social selling”, and said “Our new app integration with HootSuite will help spread social media use beyond community managers and marketers to the rest of the company. It provides business professionals with social relationship management tools that create valuable and repeatable social selling opportunities.”

If you are using social media for sales and marketing, then you need to be able to manage your contacts, customers and prospect conversations in an effective way. I think you will find Nimble and the new Hootsuite integration a really efficient way to do that.


10 thoughts on “Social Selling Gets A Boost From Nimble Integration Within Hootsuite

  1. Hi Robert and Bundle Post team! Thank you for the fantastic write up and for spreading news of our exciting integration with HootSuite. The integration expands both of our platforms and is really showcasing the power of #socialselling. Thanks again :)


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