How To Make Your Social Media Sticky

The art of getting visitors to not only come to your blog or website, but stay on it for extended periods of time is often referred to as making it “sticky”. This is a common discussion heard about new social networks, apps and other websites. Companies like Amazon have spent millions on research and technology to keep your interest for extended periods of time. But beyond typical web properties, your social media should also have a sticky factor as well.

sticky social mediaIt is important to look at your social media marketing similar to how big brands have utilized major media to instill top of mind branding. Social media marketing should accomplish the same thing and more. In fact, I have often said, “the key to advertising is repetition” and explained this in great detail. With social media, the idea is to get and keep your audience engaged with your social accounts to build relationships and stay top of their mind.

Many times I hear social media people talking about how social media is all about engagement. I say engagement is a part of social media, but not what it’s all about. There are several components that work together, to make social media effective. When done properly, you become top of mind with your audience and they begin to subconsciously LOOK for your posts in their feeds.

This effect is accomplished by doing the following things:

1) Content – Be unique in what you content you post. Be sure to include all content types. Be sure the content you create and post is geared toward your audience, not YOU.

2) Consistency – This is where many fall short. Your content posting needs to be consistent. Your responding to comments and shares must be as well. Being consistent with your content and engagement will spark conversation and relationships.

3) Responding – You’re not all that, so don’t act like it. Always respond to your community when they comment, post and share your content. This more than anything will keep them coming back and coming back often. Hence “sticky”.

What are some of the ways you can improve your social media marketing to make it more sticky?

14 thoughts on “How To Make Your Social Media Sticky

  1. Ah, Robert. Unique content…the holy grail of content creators. I think I have the other two points down pretty well but I struggle with publishing unique content in a field that is as navel gazed as social media.
    So, I try to write helpful content in my own unique voice and make that my differentiator.
    Thanks for this reminder.

    1. Ah yes Ray. My next post is about the biggest mistakes social media agencies make. One of those is not sharing and creating content for their audience, but instead for their peers and competitors. :-)

      I agree you have the other points down and write helpful content. The challenge is to do it for your prospects!

  2. Hi Robert,
    Thank you for sharing these key points. I also like to personalize my conversations with things like birthday wishes or recognize any special events they shared and this has worked great.

    Hope you’re having a great day!

  3. Hi Robert
    Just wanted to stop by and thank you again for sharing these points. Having applied these myself I have seen an increase in the amount of time people are on my website, I love it!

    In my first comment I mentioned how I personalize my status updates with things like shout outs, what I’m currently doing is giving everyday a theme. For example, Friday is Flashback Friday on Facebook, this is where I’ll post videos from back in the day, songs we haven’t heard in a long time and this has gotten a great response.

    Thanks for letting me share my thoughts, hope you’re having a great day!

    1. So awesome to hear Corina. My advice to you is that if it is working, keep doing it. Be sure to evaluate the actual and real results. Engagement and comments are not ROI. Is the strategy achieving the end game results you want. That is what’s important…

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