How To Leverage Social Media Connections Into Prospects And Customers

Does this ever happen to you? You engage with a prospect quite a bit on social media. You are building a relationship and it’s time to tell them about your new product/service, etc. But you forget their name and/or twitter tag.  Or you want to mention someone and can’t remember their profile. Sound familiar?

The next step in social media is to more effectively manage relationships. Not just connecting and engaging, but ensuring that you know who your prospects and customers are at anytime, and having the right conversations with them every day. Sounds simple, right? It’s not…

Twitter lists and automated community management tools such as are largely ineffective for this purpose. Lists have many limitations and are only useful within Twitter, among many other problems. does little to actually manage or further prospect and client relationships beyond the annoying automated postings. So what do you do?

Social Relationship ManagementSocial relationship management is something I have been interested in for a while. With a sales and marketing management background, CRM tools were always a must, but there wasn’t much that was designed for social media marketing. With the new Nimble software and recent integration with Hootsuite, the challenges of managing prospects, customers and relationships within the social graph have become a thing of the past for me and my team.

Check out this quick video of me using it to add a contact through Hootsuite!

Notice how effective and easy @Nimble makes managing relationships, conversations, prospects and customers? The ability to so easily add a contact, find their Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin and Google+ accounts is a dream come true! If you are not using a social CRM, you are missing out on opportunities to be effective and profitable with your social media marketing.

If you are a social media agency, this is a must have. In fact, let’s think about this…  Who should be using a social CRM?

  • Social Media Agencies
  • Marketing Companies
  • Individual Social Media Marketers
  • B to B Companies
  • Software Companies
  • Local Restaurants
  • B to C Companies
  • Everyone using social media for marketing!!

The bottom line is you must be more effective and efficient with your social media content, engagement, relationships and results. The proper social media tools like Hootsuite, Bundle Post and Nimble are required to achieve just that!



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8 responses to “How To Leverage Social Media Connections Into Prospects And Customers

  1. I think your idea is very useful. I’m going to pass this on to some people I know and work for in the tech field. Great post!

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  3. Recently I was looking for an app that merged all the social media I sites I am active on under one roof. This looks like it would be great for managing and maintaining interactions over a variety of venues. Thanks for the heads up, Robert!

  4. LIKE!

    Thanks for looking out for us BundlePost-ers!! :)


  5. Looks interesting. Have you reviewed this type of functionality in Salesforce? If so, how would you say this stacks up? Also, any idea where the social ID matching comes from?

    • No I haven’t in Salesforce, I am not a fan. They have made CRM so enterprise focused and complex it has lost many basic functions for SMB’s and certainly is not simple anymore. We absolutely love Nimble.

      No idea where/how the matching is done…

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