Pro Users Now Double Social Media Content Schedule Ability

Today Bundle Post would like to announce a new upgrade to Pro user accounts. Previous to this upgrade, Free, Expanded and Pro users of Bundle Post had an export maximum of 50 posts out of the system for bulk uploading into Hootsuite. Hootsuite Scheduled PostsToday marks the second of several upgrades to the system that expands the functionality and capability for our users.

Today’s upgrade is already functional. Existing and new Pro users are now able to export up to 100 scheduled and hashtagged social media posts and bring them into Hootsuite using the “Bulk Message Upload” function available to upgraded Hootsuite users. This expanded functionality for Pro users gives them more control over posting frequency and longevity of relevant content in their streams and even more time to focus on engagement, relationship building and ROI. In addition to today’s upgrade, it’s important to note that Pro users also get free one-on-one set up and training, as well as unlimited lifetime support.

Bundle Post is the first social content management system for social media marketers.  The powerful system automates the time-consuming process of searching, finding, organizing, managing and scheduling your social media content in a powerful social content management system.  Content aggregation, repository, editing and scheduling functions reduce the back office social media content management time required for effective social media marketing, freeing up time to focus on ROI.

Agencies: Our social media agency Pro users will see incredible effectiveness and efficiency value add to what they are already doing with the tool. The ability to increase content volumes at appropriate levels without spending any additional time is a no brainer.

Marketers: Anyone using social media marketing that is struggling to ensure they have enough relevant, valuable content in their streams, should really take a look at Bundle Post.

Integrated with Hootsuite’s Bulk Message UploadHootsuite Bulk Upload function, Bundle Post supports all major social network platforms. The system has built-in hashtagging, Follow Friday and scheduling functions that make managing content posts extremely efficient, effective and profitable.

What Bundle Post is NOT:  Bundle Post is not a replacement for engagement, single posting or day to day management of social media accounts.  It does not replace services like Hootsuite or Tweetdeck.  It simply makes all the other required back office functions of social media content more efficient and effective.

We are excited about this additional system upgrade and the many more that are soon to follow. If you have questions about Bundle Post, feel free to connect with us. We are happy to get you a demo and answer any questions you may have.


8 thoughts on “Pro Users Now Double Social Media Content Schedule Ability

    1. They are pretty pumped. Most are responding via back channels and not publicly, but we are super excited for this and the subsequent upgrades coming.

      Thank you for the love Keri!

  1. Brilliant, Robert! I can’t wait to tell my clients about BundlePost and it’s new feature!

    Question – My client always ask: “What makes this better than that?” What one thing would you say when someone poses this question between BufferApp and BundlePost?

    1. Thank you Shannon, great question…

      1) Bundle Post aggregates content FOR you, based on your Google Alerts and RSS Feeds, bringing them into one place to manage. Buffer requires you to still go find the content you wish to post.

      2) Bundle Post handles 4-5 days of scheduled relevant content scheduling in 20 minutes AND manages all of the content posts about YOU. Buffer does neither.

      3) Why would you use and pay for Buffer when Hootsuite’s Hootlet browser plugin is free?

      4) Bundle Post automatically hashtags your content posts – 100 posts in 1 second! – Buffer does nothing like it.

      5) Bundle Post handles follow Friday posts and repository. Nothing from Buffer.

      So if you have the time to search, find, edit schedule, hashtag and post all of your scheduled relevant content instead of spending time building relationships and getting ROI, use Buffer. If you want to spend your time effectively, efficiently and more profitably, there is nothing else that does what Bundle Post does. We have 23 claims in our patent. :-)

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