Pro Users Get Content Sorting Randomization

As the Bundle Post user base and community has continued to grow, we have been fortunate to get an incredible amount of feedback from our very loyal users. Being Pro users of our Social Media Content Management platform ourselves, we also have a huge list of must have’s and wants that we require as the technology continues to grow and expand. The great thing about social media and software, is that they are continually changing and growing. Bundle Post is no exception.

Auto Sort Socia lMedia ContentToday Bundle Post, The Social Content Management System, is announcing a significant feature upgrade for our Pro users. We call it the Auto Sort function for the export table. This new function removes the time consuming task of mixing up feed channel and topical content sets manually via drag and drop. Now Pro users of the Bundle Post app can click the “Auto Sort” button at the top of the export table and randomize the scheduled posts on the screen to mix up content of various topics and from various feed channel sources. A huge jump forward for efficient social media management and content scheduling.

How the new Sort feature works:

When clicking the Auto Sort button on the export table in Bundle Post, the system will automatically mix the content you have merged with a schedule on the screen. The function uses an algorithm to quickly and randomly mix the posts via feed channel sources and reschedule the content automatically. Users are able to click the Auto Sort button as many times as they wish to achieve a desired mix of content from various feed channels, then fine tune by dragging and dropping posts further to move specific scheduled posts to a different date and time slot.

The new auto sort feature is one of the most requested features from Pro users and staff alike and we are thrilled to finally be able to deploy it system-wide. During testing internally, our team realized massive additional time savings over the drag and drop manual mixing previous required. The time we spent managing a 100 post export from Bundle Post was cut in half, which is no small benefit! We also found that multiple clicks of the sort button gets the best initial mix of content for smaller quantity exports, while larger exports with more feed channels used typically requires a single auto sort, followed by additional dragging and dropping for complete control.

Since Pro accounts are able to manage and export 100 posts at a time, instead of the 50 posts of Free and Expanded account types, the Auto Sort feature is exclusively being added to Pro user accounts. Free and Expanded users may upgrade to Pro for the additional volumes and feature enhancements announced today and in the near future!

Let us know if we can help you get started with the Bundle Post Social Content Management System to be more effective, efficient and profitable with your social media and content marketing efforts.


4 thoughts on “Pro Users Get Content Sorting Randomization

  1. Robert and the Bundle Post team,

    YAY — So very excited!! Great, job….way to go….incredible addition to the services you provide.

    I’m so happy about this development, I jumped out of my chair (really!) !! :D

    Thank you for all you do!!!


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