Multi-Select Content Options And Content Date Tagging Goes Live

As we finalize the next big Bundle Post Pro user feature this week, we decided to go ahead with another feature set enhancement release for all user levels. This new feature set delivers additional efficiencies to our overall social content management system, making content selection from feed channels faster and more accurate.

Bundle Post Multi-Select ContentThere are two main features in this system enhancement that we think you will really like.

1) Multi-Select Groups – Starting today, all Bundle Post user levels are able to select the most recent content in a feed channel in groups of 5, 10, 15 or 25 in a single click. When a group option is selected, the system automatically selects the corresponding number of most recent content from that feed channel and readies it to be moved to your export table. Users will still have the option to manually select the content they wish to share through their social media channels, as well as deselect any posts that are checked via the group selection option.

Our team has been begging for Multi-Select for some time and have been really excited about it during testing. Our testing realized an additional 10% time savings while managing content posts, but we think it may end up being even more than that.

2) Content Date Tagging – Included in this feature set release are content date tags which denote the date that each piece of content was aggregated into that feed channel by the Bundle Post system. The date stamp function on the feed channel content select window will be exceptionally helpful for niche feed channels that don’t have regular new content added.

For example, if a user has an RSS feed from a blog that only puts out new content once or twice a week, the date tag will make it easy to identify what content in that feed channel is new. Additionally, very niche Google Alert feed channels also presented a challenge to identify when there was new content. The new Content Date Tagging in Bundle Post makes this a breeze.

Both of the new features are now live in the Bundle Post System and we have activated them for all user levels. Though this is not the big Pro User feature release everyone is waiting to hear about, we think the efficiency advantages warranted an early activation. Pro users can expect the next major system upgrade anytime within the next two weeks as we take a big leap forward in social media management for our users.

4 thoughts on “Multi-Select Content Options And Content Date Tagging Goes Live

  1. Robert,

    Thank you for all you do to move the needle in social media management, and the Bundle Post tool. I’m appreciative of your consistent effort to evolve your platform, and thus your customers’ clients experiences.

    You rock!!



    1. Awwww thank you Keri! So glad you like what we are doing. So much more to come as we continue to work toward an efficient and effective content management solution. Appreciate the feedback!

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