Social Media Agency Client Intake Form [free download]

Social Media Agency Client Intake FormOne of the biggest challenge in a social media agency working in such a fast paced industry, is staying organized when bringing on new clients. For those of you that don’t know we use to be a social media agency and had the same challenge of bringing on new clients, ensuring that all of their important information needed to make their program a success was gathered and organized effectively. The philosophy that we used was – if you manage the front end (the beginning or the start), the back-end (the finish or results) will always work out.

Using some of our tools created when we were a social media markeing firm, as well as some documents provided by some of our Bundle Post Pro users, we have developed a comprehensive social media agency client intake form template for you to download free. You may edit the Word document for your agency and customize it anyway that fits how you work with your clients and the services you provide.

Some of the important items that are covered in the Client Intake Form Template are:

1) Client information – including payment details, contact info and more.

2) Project details – including description of the project and social media platforms that will be used.

3) Current properties – detailed list of a client’s existing web and social media properties.

4) Brand information – including details about brand, products, services, messaging and what makes them unique.

5) Client deliverables – list of required client deliverables such as logos, graphics and other social pages the client wishes to emulate.

6) Target audience and competitor information

We HIGHLY recommend that you use the social media client intake form internally only. We do not recommend that you put it in the hands of your clients and ask that they fill it out.  At this point your new social media marketing client is pretty overwhelmed and they don’t understand the process or the details like you do. Make it easy on them by surveying them and requesting the info through a discussion, meeting or phone call. This will also help you uncover valuable details you need to know and would not have found out if you handed them the form to complete themselves. Doing it this way will make the intake process less overwhelming for your new social media marketing client and gather much better information that will help you with their program.

When starting a new social media management client, it is really important that the intake process you have is organized and ensures you have all the information you need to be successful for the client. This is not a definitive client intake form, but this will give you a great starting point template that you can edit and make your own.

Download the free client intake form template below 

If you need a social media contract, proposal agreement, see our 5 part series on “Important Elements of a Social Media Agency Proposal


7 thoughts on “Social Media Agency Client Intake Form [free download]

  1. I like this idea because it is customized to a specific industry, however, would suggest considering a recognized CRM system like which can be used/accessed by multiple players within an organization to keep communication streamlined and all in one place. For example, you could say “Yes, Mr. Inquiry, I noticed that Joan (CSR) spoke to you about “this important criteria for you” …. this would communicate prospect importance and that you are paying attention to what the client needs (which is critical to provide value)!

    Jeannette Marshall

    1. Yes of course. We use Nimble CRM for that in our company, but this form is focused on intake of a new client, you are referring to managing client communication after they are a client. Two different but very important things.

  2. Thanks for sharing this, Robert! We use a new client questionnaire that includes some of these things, but also includes other questions that may not be pertinent to social media only clients. And this template has so much more detail for those clients! Thanks!

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