.@BundlePost Adds Export Integration With 3 Additional Social Media Dashboards

Recently we announced the integration with the Big Brand social media management system Spredfast, which enables larger brands using the enterprise platform to also easily incorporate Bundle Post social media content management and marketing abilities into their Scheduled Bulk Upload Formatsworkflow. In an effort to continue to expand the distribution platforms that we integrate with, today we are announcing three more social media management dashboard integrations many have been asking for.

Bundle Post export formats that support Bulk Uploads for SocialOomph, Pluggio and Sendible are now live, bringing the list of social media management platforms that can be used in conjunction with Bundle Post to a whopping six!

Bundle Post Export Formats

Along with these three new bulk scheduled upload formats, Bundle Post still supports Hootsuite, Spredfast and the Beta Hubspot bulk schedule formats and the NEW Buffer Integration Support.

The idea behind these new export format functions as well as future integrations is to allow users to decide which social media dashboard application they prefer to use, while still being able to deploy the exclusive efficiency and effectiveness of content curation and content marketing using Bundle Post.

The Bundle Post content management and export process is identical for all previous integrations and also for each of the three new supported formats. You simply select the social media dashboard icon you wish to export your scheduled posts to and the proper formatting is done for you by the system. Each of the respective management systems has their own Bulk Upload process, so you will need to familiarize yourself with that dashboard and follow their specific instructions. Of course if we can assist in any way, please do not hesitate to ask.

Additional integrations are being done with social media management apps that currently have a bulk scheduled upload function, so if you would like us to integrate with your preferred social media marketing dashboard, be sure to let us know.


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