How Social Media Agencies Are Building Profitable Businesses

There is power in numbers and there is value to experience. Nothing sums this up better than a dedicated group of social media agencies and start-ups that collaborate, learn from each other and turn the knowledge into results. What better way to get your 2014 social media agency off on the right track?

Agency SuccessSome time back I announced the Social Media Agency Group I started, since then there are over 200 members, of which 45 are extremely active. Of those 45 active student participants, many are seeing amazing results. In fact, those that are attending the bi-weekly live meetings, absorbing the massive amounts of information and putting it to use right away are well ahead of what other entrepreneurs are achieving.

Without fail, every bi-weekly meeting seems to now be highlighting the success of yet another member. New client signings, improved revenue and profitability or headway on client results.

Why are social media agencies in this group moving further and faster than many new, medium and small agencies in the industry?

1) Experience – They are taking advantage of the experience of others instead of learning from mistakes. The group has several long-time experienced social media agency entrepreneurs, all sharing their experience, but most importantly the failures you can avoid.

2) Collaboration – It’s not just training, it’s collaboration. A large group of professionals that collaborate together, help one another and share information.

3) Support – Have a question about a prospect, a client project you’re struggling getting results with or how to implement a specific strategy? Everyone pitches in to help, guide and support each other.

4) No Rabbit Holes – Probably one of the biggest advantages group members have is the removal of rabbit holes. You know, the articles and advice from those that haven’t ever done it. There is so many out there writing about social media marketing, but nobody is guiding the social media agency and providing proven tactics to start, grow and scale a profitable, effective business. The trial and error methods are removed from the equation.

In our last bi-weekly meeting, one of our newest start-ups in the group was highlighted as the most recent success story. The fact that she was able to learn, practice and execute what she had learned achieved a big payoff.  Here is the email:


Hi Robert!

I know I’m not vocal in the group, or in meetings, but I have been absorbing and re-absorbing everything. I’ve tried the restaurant cold-calling and pitch and failed miserably 11 times ~ confidence and sounding timid were my downfall ~ I would constantly trip up on my words, and basically sound like I didn’t really know what I was talking about.

Hearing the inspirational success stories in the group of people who were nervous or lacked the confidence needed at the beginning of their journeys has helped me tremendously. I’ve listened to the meetings over and over and over again. I’ve also practiced and practiced and practiced my pitch to my kids and had them role-play with me to where they were sick to death of hearing it hahaha!

Okay, so failed pitch #11 resulted in a plumbing owner who was at the restaurant at the time of my pitch eventually getting my card from the restaurant owner, and then giving my information to his uncle. Crazy to me how everything transpired but ~ I finally landed not one but two new clients over the past two days. And, I couldn’t believe I actually had confidence!! ~ I signed the one client at $1,200 a month, and the second ~ his brother ~ which he referred me to, and signed him at $3,500 a month. The clients aren’t in the restaurant business, but in business consulting and technology, and I used the model of the restaurant pitch but of course tweaked it to fit each of their business models.

I owe it all to God, YOU, and the amazing group you started, and that first conversation we had back in the middle of August. So again, thank you, thank you, thank you again from the bottom of my heart.


This is just one of many success stories the group is producing often. Many more can be reviewed in the group, but the question is…

What should you take away from the above email and the entirety of this post?

1) You’re not alone – help is available.

2) There is a formula for social media agency success you can learn and duplicate.

3) The process, methods and procedures do work if you apply them properly and stay at it.

4) You can do it too…

To request to be added to the Social Media Agency Training and Collaboration Group on Facebook, and have access to recorded and live meetings, click here.


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5 responses to “How Social Media Agencies Are Building Profitable Businesses

  1. Very inspirational! Thank you for sharing.

  2. Great recap, Robert, and thank you for providing this invaluable tool for Social Media Agencies to collaborate. It’s fantastic. I’ve only missed one live meeting and that was because i was on an airplane, but soon, I won’t have to miss out with the airlines providing better services for business travelers. yay!

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